Friday, September 04, 2020

WMD SCLPL - In Depth Tutorial


"Frequency equalization (EQ) is something that the Eurorack industry has been lacking for a long time now. Sure, there are plenty of EQs out there with limited feature sets, but we felt the need for something more. We wanted presets so we could change settings mid-set and that turned to the question "what if they morphed smoothing from on to another?" which has brought us to what is now known as SCLPL.

The WMD SCLPL is a dual mono / stereo EQ and morphing filter for eurorack modular synthesizers in 4HP. 9 presets let you save different EQ settings and then morph between them with CV or manually with knobs.

In this video, we cover the basics. We use White Noise from the WMD/SSF Modbox and sweep frequencies. We then use Drum Break and Chord samples from the Rossum Assiml8or to learn how to set up EQs, save Presets, and more."

"The mix surgeon's best friend is now a powerful effect in your eurorack system.

SCLPL (pronounced SCALPEL) is a Stereo 5-Band Digital EQ / Morphing Filter module for eurorack modular synthesizers. Use it to cut out problem frequencies on voices in your mix or to add pleasing enhancements to your stereo field.

Dual Mono and Stereo Control Schemes make it an excellent addition to any WMD Performance Mixer Setup. Add 4 SCLPL for 8 channels of EQ in 16HP. Put a 5th on the Master Bus and you have the ultimate eurorack mixing setup!

A simple user interface makes it a powerful tool for many use cases. It features 9 user-programmable preset slots that can then be "morphed" between seamlessly with CV or the Level knob in Morph Mode.

Each frequency band is set independently with the Level, Q, and Frequency knobs, and a helpful LED display aids in knowing exactly what's going on at all times.

Frequency bands include a Low Shelf, 3 Mid-Range Peaking Bands, and a High Shelf."

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