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Thursday, October 15, 2020

NR Synth Ancestor ARP 2600 Clone

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here, demo in the listing previously posted here.

Auction description Google translated: "Ancestor type "old version", unique design,.. cloning of (VCO 4027-1, ADSR 4020, VCA 4019). Devastating sync (Hard sync). LFO mode on VCO3.

My old version is the one equipped with the 4012 filter copied on the moog scale and which fitted the before the 1977 trial (the blue and gray models).

Second SEM filter.

Versatile vintage sound and exceptional dynamics.

The big Ancestor combines the power of a modular system with the ease of use of a pre-wired synthesizer.
Thus, the classic sounds of analog synthesis can be programmed in a jiffy thanks to an interface as intuitive as that of the Minimoog (1 button = 1 function).

On the other hand, if you "fit" into the machine, the many possibilities for synthesis and modulation make it possible to obtain very "moving" tones worthy of modulars. The advantage of the Ancestor over a modular system is the absence of cabling; this one being replaced by a matrix of modulations with sources and destinations. The time savings to obtain usable sound is considerable and more than compensates for the slight loss of flexibility compared to full wiring.

The inspiration of the moment is never disturbed by tedious cable handling! This is appreciable in the studio and especially very useful on stage because you can go from a big funkie bass to very complex sounds in a few seconds ...

Second SEM filter.

On the other hand, whatever the version, the Ancestor offers the following synthesis and modulation circuits as standard:

Technical data sheet common to all models:

Wavefolder: generator of complex waves from a simple waveform (sine). A very special circuit that is almost a synth on its own. It excels on crystal clear sounds

Ring modulator: Ring modulator for classic effects or metallic sounds

Noise: beautifully crafted white and pink noise (transistor circuit).

FX: "Vintage" transistor distortion cloned on the big muff "ram's head"

LFO1: Digital with many waveforms (including random), symmetry adjustment, midi sync, 3 frequency ranges.

LFO2: Analogue, 2 frequency ranges, 4 waveforms.

Pitch bender: to briefly detune the attack of sounds (depending on configuration)

S / H: portamento adjustment, 4 mixable sources, midi sync

Modulation matrix: up to 8 simultaneous sources, 2 separate master controls, 8 destinations, possibility of controlling ctrl 1 via the modulation wheel (at noon).

Clock divider: allows you to obtain divisions of the midi sync.

Midi / CV gate interface: 12-bit resolution, midi learn, midi sync, manages velocity, keyboard tracking and the modulation wheel. Friend transporter, door-to-door price € 80 more."

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