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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Metasonix S-2000

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"The S-2000 is not merely a new repackaging of old designs. It is a revolution, and a game changer. Metasonix does not make “clones” of “vintage” gear, so you will find the S-2000 to be completely different from any other musical instrument you have ever used. It is capable of simulating some classic “vintage” synthesizer sounds, but because of the numerous quirks of vacuum-tube electronics, it is able to do very much more than that.

Unlike ordinary analog synths, the S-2000 has an all-tube signal path. It is a basic yet flexible path: Operator 1, which can be used as a bandpass filter but is more likely to be used as a voltage-controlled oscillator, feeds directly into Operator 2, which is an identical circuit. Its output goes into the VCA, where an envelope is imposed on the signal.

All the controls to the left of Operator 1 are the CV effect controls. The S-2000 has three “contour” or envelope generators: C1 controls the VCA envelope, and has rise and fall (attack/release) controls. C2 and C3 are transient, or “attack/decay” envelopes. They can be used as LFOs by activating their REPEAT switches. The speed of the repetition is controlled by both the rise and fall knobs, so they are used as LFOs with variable duty cycle. The built-in ribbon controller is a standard SpectraSymbol 400mm industrial position sensor, requiring only a very light touch to activate."

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