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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Erica Synths Black Joystick 2

video by Erica Synths

"Erica Synths Black Joystick2 is 4 channel multi functional CV and sound source – joystick, movement recorder, distinct LFO and drone/noise oscillator. It provides great interaction with the modular system and allows to develop unconventional modulation patterns easily.


00:00​ Patch 1 - Ripper bass - Joystick CH1 set to audio rate sine modulating the Stereo Delay from CH2 which is also set to work as audio rate sine

00:33​ Patch 2 - Much Techno - Controlling the Cymbals Ride tune & decay with Joystick CH1, Crash decay with CH2 and BHDSP 2 rate and fx parameter with CH3

01:46​ Patch 3 - Wave Surfer - Controlling Graphic VCO wavetable matrix with Joysticks CH1, delay time, dry/wet mix and feedback with CH2 to CH4

02:55​ Patch 4 - Slice Master - Controlling Sample Drum slice index, sample select and sample tune with X axis of first three Joystick channels

04:53​ Patch 5 - Bleep Bloop - Joystick in audio rate mode through the Stereo Delay which delay time parameters is also modulated with the Joystick

05:16​ Patch 6 - Drone Zone - Droning with Black VCO, LPG and Stereo Delay. Joystick is controlling VCO FM & PWM, LPG offset and delay time

06:26​ Patch 7 - Wave Drummer - Graphic VCO in Drum and Black Stereo Delay are triggered and controlled with Joystick in S&H mode

08:15​ Patch 8 - S&H Everything! - Pico Drums, Pico Drums 2 and BHDSP 2 are controlled and triggered with Joystick in S&H mode

09:21​ Patch 9 - Sine drone - First three channels of the Joystick are used as audio sources and CH4 is used to control the BHDSP2 crush setting"

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