MATRIXSYNTH: G-Storm Electro Introduces the JP4 Chorus - Dual BBD Ensemble for Eurorack

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

G-Storm Electro Introduces the JP4 Chorus - Dual BBD Ensemble for Eurorack

video by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2021

Introducing my JP4 Chorus: a eurorack adaptation of the Roland Jupiter-4 Ensemble effect.
Using dual bucket brigade delay lines.
Headphones recommended :D
Check my Reverb store for module availability

In this video I will be auditioning basic waveforms from my 101-VCO thru the JP4 Chorus.
Then adding some reverb from FX aid.
Roland Juno-1 basic sawtooth patch thru the JP4 Chorus with the help of a homemade preamp.
Note: while the JP4 Chorus is designed primarily for eurorack signals, you will want an instrument/line preamp module for use w/ external gear like guitars and synthesizers.

0:00​ Opening sounds, Intro and functions
1:24​ 101-VCO basic waveforms through JP4 Chorus
3:43​ 101-VCO to JP4 Chorus to FX Aid (Reverb Swell Wet)
4:40​ Roland Juno-1 through JP4 Chorus
6:13​ Juno-1 to JP4 Chorus to FX Aid Reverb"

via G-Storm Electro's Reverb shop:

Oh glorious analog BBD goodness! JP4 Chorus is a mono-input, stereo-output chorus ensemble made for eurorack. Employing two LFO-modulated bucket brigade delay lines. The original MN3004 chips are extinct – and no re-issues in sight. But fret not young grasshoppa, the JP4 Chorus uses NOS Panasonic TDA1022 chips. Bestow your rack with the nirvana it requires.

RATE: SLOW is the lazy swirl of the original Jupiter-4; MED you can feel the momentum gaining traction; FAST is like a lively string ensemble when you feed it a raw sawtooth.

ON/OFF Switch: not true bypass, but the delay lines are removed from the audio path well enough.

Please note – JP4 Chorus is designed for eurorack signals. Guitar/Mic/Line level external synths and instruments will need a pre-amp or instrument input module.

Be sure to check out my other cool modules available in my Reverb store.

Includes 16-pin-to-10-pin power connector cable.


Inputs: 1 mono input jack w/ signal attenuation
Power: 10-pin Eurorack standard shrouded header
Outputs: 2 jacks Stereo Output Pair
Current: 20mA +12V, 80mA -12V, +5V (not used)
Width: 4HP
Depth: 45mm
JP4 Chorus pairs well with:

Happy Nerding FX Aid reverbs and delays
Bastl Hendrikson, for outboard instruments

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