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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Analogue Systems - RS-130 Programmable Scale Generator

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"The Programmable Scale Generator exceeds the possibilities of an ordinary quantiser module.

While a quantiser usually is chromatic only and with a little luck it allows major and minor scales, a programmable scale generator like the RS-130 makes it possible to freely program scales beyond the customary semitone scale with all their derivates. Scales with quarter-note or eighth-note intervals are possbile which is important e.g. for indian or oriental music. Two modes determine when quantisation takes place: in "free run" it happens only when input voltage changes. In "gate" mode quantisation happens when the RS-130 receives a gate signal.

Six quantisation modes are available:

- Quantiser: Acts as a normal chromatic quantiser for semitones

- C major scale: when offset = 0 and no CV at the transpose input it creates only a C major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B)

- C minor scale: when offset = 0 and no CV is present at the transpose in, only a C minor is created (C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb)

- C major Arpeggio: when offset = 0 and no CV is present at the transpose in, only a C major arpeggio is created (C, E, G)

- C minor arpeggio: when offset = 0 and no CV is present at the transpose in, only a C minor apreggio is created (C, Eb, G)

- user memory mode: creates user programmed scales.

When setting a fixed voltage with the offset control (0-2V, ie. two octaves offset), you apply a fixed transposition to the scale. Any possible scale can be set when you use the transpose CV inputs in addition. At each quantisation process a trigger signal will fired at the trig out which you can use for clocking a sequencer or a launching envelopes.

Power consumption: 110mA

HP : 24"

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