MATRIXSYNTH: MMXX T-APE - the first long demo

Monday, March 22, 2021

MMXX T-APE - the first long demo

video by Gecho Loopsynth

1:33​ random arpeggiator with octaves and light control
4:20​ faster arpeggiator that sounds like a beat
5:46​ arpeggiator controlling some glitchy sounds
6:28​ "up" and random arpeggiator again
10:00​ retuning into a new scale
10:48​ playing with the new scale
14:20​ nasty noises from bytebeat with tweaked parameters
14:58​ a complete automatically generated song
16:34​ tuning into radio hell

"This instrument does not really know scales, notes or octaves - it can only manipulate pieces of generated sound according to some simple mathematical rules and your input, using rotary encoders, eight touch sensitive keys and two light sensors.

Find out more at​"


  1. Most of it is rather unpleasant except for that lyrical little bit at fifteen minutes. I really don't understand this attraction of some people to unpleasant noise. It is interesting from a mathematical perspective but not aesthetically.

    1. It's kind of like molecular gastronomy, but for sound. It's not about the music. Two ways to view synths would be one, to make music and two, to explore sound, like exploring flavors in molecular gastronomy. Sound machines like this are about exploring textures more than music in the traditional sense. You also have to use your imagination a little, like what these raw sounds might sound like running it through various effects, or sampling bits and using it for other things. Some people do enjoy just listening to noise, and some listen for the potential of the textures that can be used for other things. There's also the whole audiophile vs. just listening to music aspect. Audiophiles tend to enjoy the detail, quality, and textures in sound - they enjoy listening to sound for the sake of sound. It's like listening to music with a really good stereo system vs. a cheap one. When you listen to well mastered music on a good system you notice the quality of sound. Listening to something like Kraftwerk and focusing on the individual sounds they use for example. It's food for the ears. Just another one of our senses to experience.

    2. Oh, and the demo is from the maker of the device so they are showing what it's capable of rather than composing a piece with it. It gives the viewer an idea of it can do. Also, think of the device being used in a composition with other instruments and synths, or even background noise to create certain atmospheres in film. It's just a tool to create sounds you might not be able to otherwise.


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