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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Sensel Morph Firmware 0.19.295 Update: Pitch and Velocity

video by Sensel

"The firmware update to 0.19.295 has some really interesting new ways of handling pitch-bend and improvements to velocity scaling. We go through the details on how to set up and understand these two key features.

0:00​ New Firmware Overview
0:21​ MPE Pitch-bend Rounding Improvements
6:57​ Velocity Range Improvements

Change log:
• Improved "Jump" pitch-rounding mode for MPE so that it quickly settles to the note of the area under your finger. This vastly improves the tuning of pitch-shifted chords, and introduces some incredible pitch shift effects when using a custom-created (Innovator’s) grid overlay.
• Added mode to allow velocity range to allow for lower limits. Accessed via “Threshold 10”. When you choose "Threshold 10", the low end velocities (less than 30) are now transmitted, and the activation force threshold is set to 3.
• When using the Drum Pad Overlay Y controls, the 0-127 values are scaled to fit each pad’s size.
• Fixed pitch-bend bugs for single channel MIDI (previously, pitch bend could be on a channel different from the note)
• Notes that are set to “off” are no longer transposed when the octave or scene up/down Morph modifiers are used.
• Note off is no longer sent when you shift octaves/scenes.
•Refined hit size of the Buchla Thunder Overlay’s areas and fixed missed notes on the Buchla Overlay, particularly on pads 1-9.
• Fixed wrap-around bug with pitch-bend (most noticed on drum overlay with bend set to Absolute). Previously, when a pad was set to Absolute pitch bend, the value could jump very high or low at the edges.
• The Morph now has better handling of note-off, deprecating the need for All * Notes Off messages when overlays are removed. As a result, no All Notes Off message is sent when an overlay is removed.
• Fixed horizontal scroll command (Video Editing Overlay)
• Mouse click now resets to “up” when “no overlay” is in Trackpad mode and an overlay is placed on the Morph. Previously, this could often result in a stuck mouse, causing hair to be removed from one’s head."

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