MATRIXSYNTH: Six Waldorf Pulse cascaded to build a Poly-Synth

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Six Waldorf Pulse cascaded to build a Poly-Synth

video by Stereoping

"Three demos for using six #Waldorf​ #Pulse​ in a cascade. The Pulse allows polychaining up to 12 units in total. I only can demo six Pulses here :-(
Selecting programs or making edits on the 1st Pulse in the cascase immediately updates all connected units. This works perfect as well in conjunction with the #SynthProgrammer​.
Demo 1 is sonically bothersome, you might want to lower the volume as it demonstrates monophonic unison spread. Starting with all units in tune, they are individually detuned by Mastertune. Then pitch is modulated by LFO - in fact it's 6 individually running LFOs! Then DCO2's pulsewidth is modulated by second LFO (6 more LFOs). Finally both DCOs are detuned against each other and DCO 3 adds even more bottom. It ends in an interesting 6 voice/6 LFO sawtooth siren.
Demo 2 ( 2:02​ ) is nicer, it sets the cascade in polymode resulting in a 6 voice polyphonic synth. Between 3:10​ and 3:20​ you might want to close your eyes because i had to turn my head multiple times to left and right - with attached cam.

Demo 3 ( 4:38​ ) finally plays a relaxing arpeggio while the Pulses are altered individually in panning, cutoff and level making the arpggio more lifely.
Additonal gear used: #Cthulhu​ VST plugin for arpeggiation, TR-0815 DIY-Drumbox synched over midi clock and #Vermona​ DRM Drumbox triggered over midi. The Pulses are mixed with a #Roland​ #M​-12E."

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