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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Studio Electronics Family Herrre

video by StudioElectronics

"Once upon a drum machine, The Brothers St. Regis had to part with their beloved, stock TR-808; before it left the building, Greg St. Regis programmed this beat: "HE is The Rhythm Man, tapping at he backseat..." Several summers passed and it again found favor in their sight, after hundreds of cuts & creases and "Boomstar Brotherhood" #SE80​ percussion pieces. Soon Rhodes chords followed the Rhythm-Man's-flow. It is commonly believed bass was next (30+ tracks): driving, testifying, border-defying Midimini V30, in the lead role, with wildly versatile and colorful programmable support from the SE-02. 10 or so passes of Omega 8—essentially MIDI Channel 1/1980’s style—broadened and brightened the Gospel of Chordal Excellence. The Oracle at Ableton/Atlanta spoke a Wayne Shorter spirit into the leads, so the SE-02 and Midimini began stacking up the solo flights, fighting and reuniting like play-cousin nights. Voices from the “Family Herrre” Chorus preached and ascended majestically—though soothingly prosaic at times—inspiring, shaping, begging, cajoling, demanding, elevating and refining the piece to unforeseen coherence and towering heights… feigning silence for moments, only to reanimate through & beyond fragmentation challenges with that magical dialect and love from #thelou​

"Consider all that."


Captain’s Log Supplemental 1182021:

Most if not all of the polyphonic detail work (apart from the Waves Morphoder vocoding), not tracing or amplifying the piano track MIDI, rather often clustering around spoken and sung WORD, like a gritty reverent glitter (WORD, arguably entirely too sacrosanct to digitally preserve… to orchestrate, yet now its dope message moves forward and out), was tracked note by Motu's brilliant “Split Notes” feature in #DP10​ - Midimini V30 and SE-02 battling again for the muse’s attention/affection.

Original Midimini on the 1st and last conspicuous bass slides

Additional Cameos: Modstar Sensei, #Tonestar8106​

Writers: Marc St. Regis, Greg St. Regis
Produced by MSR
Executive Producer Adrian Drummond

Special thx to Drummomd, Sean Charles, @huston.singletary"

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  1. It's too bad all those talentless little jerks had to paint their mindless screed over that amazing artwork.



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