Wednesday, April 07, 2021


video by UncertainMusicCorps

"A duet between MI Marbles and the Stochastic Inspiration Generator (​). Two quite different approaches to achieve generative outcomes.

Marbles pairs with Plaits. SIG controls Disting EX Wavetable oscillator. SWN does drone duties"

The Stochastic Inspiration Generator was first posted here with a blue face panel by Omsonic Lab. This one appears to be re-branded under Stochastic Instruments, which technically makes this the first Stochastic Instruments post.

Info on the module:

"Each event the Stochastic Inspiration Generator creates has its pitch, octave, duration, onset, offset, portamento and ratchet set by probability controls. You can exert as much or as little control over what the next event will be as you wish. This could be very simple (e.g. raise C, E, G and 1/16 to 100% and you have a random arpeggiator kicking out constant 1/16 ) or something much more interesting…

The Inspiration Generator leverages tonal harmony by exploiting its statistical hierarchy of pitches: some notes turn up a lot, some not so much, some not at all. Being ‘in’ C Major means having lots of Cs, quite a lot of Gs and Es, a few Fs, some Ds, As and Bs, but no C#s, D#s, F#s, G#s, A#s. Set the note probabilities accordingly and Stochastic will spontaneously jam in C Major. Shift the probabilities, and you morph the tonality, key or mode they define into new tonal landscapes.

It knows all the musical parameters that shape a line: you can probablise the overall octave range over which it improvises (‘register’) and the octave offsets of each note. Bass notes define harmony and inversion, so you can imply a change of C Root to C 1st Inversion by initially dropping only the Cs by 2 octaves and then swapping to drop only the Es, all in live performance. You can even set the likelihood that melodies will be stepwise or more angular. It also knows about rhythm: you can set the likelihood that each subsequent note will be any value from an 8 bar drone to constant 1/16 pulses. And Stochastic can loop: if it suddenly strikes melody gold, hit Loop, define your loop length, release, and it will loop the phrase until you suspend loop. Hit Loop again to return to the saved loop, or hold to overwrite a new one."

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