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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Custom Red Roland Juno-106 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 395078

via this auction

"Here’s a one-of-a-kind Juno 106, recently refurbished by Synth Spa in Tennessee. I had this color scheme created to match my Nords as well as a full refurbish with new voice chips, grounded power connection and cleaning and replacing any pots/sliders that needed it. The synth works perfectly with absolutely no issues whatsoever. Every light works, every fader is smooth, all voices are 100%. Now onto the not so great...

There are two cosmetic blemishes to note. The low C and G keys have small chips in the front edges of them. This was overlooked during the refurb and I didn’t notice it for a couple months afterwards. The second is the end pieces could have been drilled a bit cleaner. You can see the natural wood color in the mounting holes and if you get really close, the edges aren’t perfectly smooth. All obviously cosmetic, but needed to be pointed out.

I had Synth Spa start this project during September 2018 and did not receive the synth back until May 2019. Because of this, I was just grateful to finally have it back and hit the road, not noticing the imperfections until a couple months later. Since it took over $1200 and 10 months of back and forth to get the synth completed, I didn’t want to send it back and risk them having it for an extended period of time again, so I just decided to deal with the blemishes. This is not a knock on Synth Spa, they do excellent work and mistakes can happen. The synth was delivered to me literally the morning I was hitting the road and the timing to have the issues fixed just didn’t make sense for me.

A final disclaimer - the color is not a 100% perfect match to a Nord. The red overlay, grey and black buttons and the black chassis are all pretty much exact, but the end pieces are a slightly different shade of red. Cant notice it from more than a few feet away and definitely can’t notice it under stage lighting."

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  1. Junos are now selling for twice their original retail value. That makes the Yamaha CS-80 actually cheaper per pound (approximately.) What a world, eh?



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