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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Maneco Labs - Otterley Stereo Reverb

video by NOISEBUG

"This is a demo of the Maneco Labs Otterley Stereo Reverb eurorack module. Its a dual reverb design that can create some epic soundscapes and pitch shifting. More info can be found here -"

via Noisebug

"Otterley is a rich dual reverb, but with simple operations.

It includes two engines, reverb one, controlled by just a knob but with rich and atmospheric flavor , and reverb two , a reverse reverb with several associated parameters.

Despite its complexity, operation is quite simple, no menus, no switches, no hidden functions.

Description of controls:

●Reverb 1 :one knob level and size control for first engine, as level increases also does size and modulation complexity for this lush component.

●Reverb 2 : reverse reverb engine blend control , from dry to full wet.

●Feedback : regeneration for Reverb 2 , from zero to almost self oscillation.

●Delay: time and size for reverse component, from almost immediate to dry signal to quasi reverse delay character , for reverb 2

●Grain : density for reverb 2 , from identifiable reverb grains to blurred sound strokes at maximum.

●Pitch : relative pitch for reverb two, unison at center , two octaves up at maximum and two octaves low at minimum , if used in conjunction with feedback can provide spiral up or spiral down effects, as each re-circulation will get pitch transposed again.

Eurorack version connectors:

●In L , In R -stereo input

●Back : CV control for feedback parameter, 0 to 3,3V , protected

●Out L out R

●Reverb 1 : CV control for reverb1 parameter, 0 to 3.3v , protected

●Reverb 2 : CV control for reverb2 parameter, 0 to 3.3v , protected"

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