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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Phase of the sun | Prophet 12 FM Phase Modulation Tine

video upload by MIDERA

"A bit dismayed by the lack of 'bite' with the Prophet 12 FM, I tried digging deeper to see what could be done with it. Just adding 'FM' and Linear FM (i.e., phase modulation) is not enough to really brighten a sine way. Here, I then added velocity as a mod source and FM as a destination... 4 times. Apparently, on the Prophet 12, you're able to modulate and modulate things more and more for the effect you want. It seems to work, so I'll take it. All 4 oscillators are active here, although Osc2 is not audible, only acting as a modulator for OSC1. All oscillators are sine waves.

Of course, it's still not quite as expressive as the SY77. The SY77 has a lot of low end yet keeps the high end sparkly. The P12 handles it ok at best.

One person suggested keeping the oscillators under 50%. I kept them around that for this video, but I still notice distortion. I'll take their advice and drop it to under 50%, hopefully that helps.

Eventide Blackhole VST for effect."

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