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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Wavefonix Poly-8: Epic 8 Oscillator Adventure

video upload by Molten Music Technology

Module specs below.

"What could you do with 8 oscillators in one epic module? The Poly-8 is the start of Wavefonix's journey into polyphonic modular and in this huge video I explore a range of possibilities from unison to FM, 4-voice to 8-voice and the sort of polyphony/paraphonic meddling you can do when you don't have enough modules to run a full 8 voices.

Thank you to Wavefonix for sending the Poly-8 to me in the hope I'd do something interesting - I didn't know it would take over my life.

It's a long one but I wanted to properly show what I was doing and how it sounded. You may find this index useful.

Index/Intro - 0:00
Introducing the Poly-8 - 6:27
8 Oscillator Unison - 8:23
Playing the unison from a keyboard via CV - 11:56
Gating the unison - 17:50
Adding a filter - 18:37
Adding envelopes - 19:34
Trying it with the Grit filter - 23:06
Adding intervals and octaves - 25:26
Thoughts so far - 30:09
Playing polyphonically - 33:17
Polyphony via the Hermod - 36:39
Adding VCAs for level control - 41:50
Gating the oscillators - 44:54
Putting 2 lots of 4 oscillators through a filter each - 47:39
So what were we doing? - 50:29
Cycling oscillators - 51:19
Square waves - 52:41
Adding Pulse Width Modulation - 53:31
A little bit of FM - 54:42
2 Oscillators, 4 voices, sequenced - 58:01
4 voice, dual oscillator, polyphonic - 1:10:05
Adding chained LFOs from Maestro - 1:14:00
Erica Synths Joystick2 takes over modulation - 1:15:32
Summing up - almost - 1:17:59
A bit more FM - 1:19:01
Final word - 1:26:00
Drones - 1:26:41"

via Wavefonix

he Poly-8 VCO module is one of a kind. It is a premium polyphonic oscillator bank, comprising eight CEM3340 (Rev. G) VCOs in a clean, compact and ergonomic design. Each VCO features a vast range of modulation capabilities, including hard sync, PWM, 1V/octave and exponential/linear FM.

Each VCO provides simultaneous ramp, triangle and pulse waveform outputs.

The authentic CEM3340 architecture offers an instantly recognisable, rich analog sound found in many famous synthesizers from the past, such as the Prophet 5 etc.

Premium polyphonic oscillator bank comprising eight CEM3340 (Rev. G) VCOs.
Three simultaneous, buffered 10Vpp (±5V) waveforms per VCO, including DC-coupled ramp, triangle and pulse outputs, with controllable PW and PWM CV inputs (0V to 10V). Pulse output is derived from the CEM3340's triangle waveform using external circuitry.
Individual coarse and fine frequency control knobs provide an adjustable frequency range of more than ten octaves (approximately 8Hz to 16KHz) for each VCO.
Each VCO has a wide range of modulation inputs; including hard sync (comparator-based), PWM, 1V/octave and exponential/linear FM (switchable).
Ergonomic design.
Hand-built and tested in the UK.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 50HP
Depth: approx. 40mm
Power consumption:
+12V: 320mA
-12V: 220mA
+5V: 0mA

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