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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Oskitone Scout Arduino-compatible Open Source DIY Mini Synth

Oskitone Scout Assembly from oskitone on Vimeo.

Putting together the Oskitone Scout, after it's been soldered

New from the makers of the POLY555 Synth.

It's called the "Scout" because it's the first Oskitone synth to use a microcontroller, specifically the ATmega328 -- just like the Arduino Uno.

From the readme:

scout (/skout/):

One sent to obtain information
Jean Louise “Scout” Finch, of Atticus Finch
The first synth from Oskitone to venture into the big ol' world of microcontrollers
The Scout is:

Beginner-friendly: All components are through-hole (instead of surface mount) for easier soldering, and full assembly takes about 45min. Standalone, battery-powered, doesn't need a computer or external speakers to work. Fun! 3D-Printable: Besides the electronics and nuts and bolts, all parts are 3D-printed. And with a total width of ~160mm (about 6.3"), the Scout can fit on smaller, "Mini" (18x18x18cm) size print beds.

Hackable: Arduino-compatible and fully open source! Hook up an FTDI Serial TTL-232 cable (sold separately) to update its code using the Arduino IDE.

Minimally featured: 1.5 octaves of keys, a volume knob, on/off switch, speaker, headphone jack. Monophonic square wave with fixed glide and octave.

In addition to it being the first microcontroller-controlled instrument from Oskitone, the Scout would also make a fine introductory DIY instrument for the budding electronics hobbyist. (Some experience soldering and a general familiarity with how electricity works are recommended though!)

Like my previous work, I designed the Scout's PCB in Kicad and everything else in OpenSCAD, specifically for 3D-printing. The Scout is available assembled or as a DIY kit, with and without the 3D-printed parts; and it's fully Open Source!"


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