MATRIXSYNTH: Eurorack "West Coast" Synth Voice Patch Breakdown / Tutorial

Monday, September 27, 2021

Eurorack "West Coast" Synth Voice Patch Breakdown / Tutorial

video upload by Transduction Signal

"This simple patch is a synth voice that is inspired by "West Coast" synthesizers like Buchla and Serge modulars from the 1960s and 70s. This patch also has a signal flow similar to the Make Noise 0-Coast. The basic idea behind the patch is to take a simple waveform and fold it to add harmonics, then a lowpass gate is used to control the dynamics of the sound.

Modules we used:
- AJH MiniMod Vintage Transistor Core VCO
- Random Source Serge Wave Multipliers
- Erica Synths Black Dual ASR EG
- Erica Synths Black LPG
- Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

The Patch:

- Audio
- VCO triangle or sine wave into the wave-folder audio input
- wave-folder audio out to the lowpass gate audio input
- the lowpass gate's audio out is the final output sound

- Control
- 1v/oct from sequencer or keyboard to osc 1v/oct input
- sequencer gate out to gate in on envelope generator
- envelope generator out to wave-folder CV input
- sequencer gate out to LPG "ping" input

Extra things to try out:
- the gate length of your sequencer will affect how plucky the sound is, so try adjusting it
- different wave-folders will have different sounds so try out a few if you have them
- if your wave-folder doesn't have a CV fold amount control you can use a VCA before the wave-folder and control that with the envelope
- if you don't have a lowpass gate you can try this patch out with just a filter or VCA after the wave-folder with an envelope opening it
- try other waveforms besides triangle and sine into the wave-folder
- try running more than one oscillator into the wave-folder and see how the multiple oscillators interact

Let us know what you think of this patch and what similar patches you use. We are going to publish more tutorials and other videos here and on our Instagram and TikTok, let us know what you want to see.


Download our free sample pack:


00:00 - Jam
00:39 - Patch breakdown
01:25 - How to tweak the patch
01:53 - More sounds
02:12 - A different wave-folder"

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