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Monday, September 06, 2021

Fred's Lab ZeKit 4 Voice Paraphonic Microsynth Coming to SUPERBOOTH21

via Fred's Lab

"For SuperBooth 2021, Fred's Lab drops ZeKit: a new 4 voice paraphonic microsynth, featuring a simple step sequencer, digital waveforms, an analog VCF, VCA & 2x AR envelopes. The instrument can be controlled using MIDI (notes & clock) and has both a sync and audio inputs. External audio sources can be mixed in or be processed through the VCF / VCA.

This synth is available in two versions:

- the DIY KIT version (requires soldering)
- the fully assembled version

Electronic music roots in building one’s own gear and this is what ZeKit is about.

This synth has been engineered to be an uncomplicated kit, from its schematics to its user operation, while providing great and powerful vintage & modern sounds, straight at its output. Compared to many kits, ZeKit isn’t a toy! You'll end up with an instrument that generates serious tones, gracefully synchronizes, and will nicely integrate your studio setup or follows you on tour, thanks to its compact size.

Being accessible to DIY beginners, ZeKit offers a lot to learn about analog and digital electronics for music gear, from building it and later playing it. A comprehensive and well illustrated, 30+ pages assembly guide (pdf) will assist you at each building step, from start to finish. This guide also includes ZeKit complete schematics and bill of materials, as well as a detailed explanation of the inner working of all circuit blocks.

Last but not least, most ZeKit design files are provided under Creative Commons and Open Source licences, allowing you to get inspired, modify, improve and distribute your creations, within the limitation of non-commercial use.

ZeKit is an adventure, it's yours! Build it and succeed!


• 129 EUR w/ VAT – DIY Kit Version
Includes: PCB, all components, housing, printed quickstart

• 179 EUR w/ VAT – Already Assembled Version
Includes: Assembled ZeKit, printed quickstart

• 12 EUR w/ VAT - Universal Power Adapter (optional)
Please reuse any compatible one you own already

• 6 EUR w/ VAT – Battery kit + set of AAA batteries (optional)

From the 01/10/2021, ZeKit will be available to order directly from our website

The first batch is a limited run of 100 units which are available immediately.


• Additive sawtooth synthesis
8 mono waveforms / 8 para waveforms
• Filter envelope looping and re-triggering options
• Filter tracking and fixed glide mode
• 250 kHz DAC sample rate
• Voltage controlled 12dB/Oct low-pass & band-pass filter
with 2x resonance settings
• Voltage controlled amplifier
• Analog A/D & A/R envelopes

• 96 step sequencer, with up to 4 notes per step
• External sync - MIDI clock or sync over 3.5mm jack
• 16 user programmable patterns
• Live pitch transposition and transition of the patterns

• 6 knobs – Cutoff, Attack, Decay, Accent, Release and Level
• 3 toggles – LP/BP, CHILL/ACID, VCF/MIX
• 7 switches – Wave, Options, Motifs, Sequencer controls

• MIDI input – DIN5
• Power input – 2.1mm jack 5V to 9V DC
• Batterie connector – optional
• Line / Headphones output - 6.35mm TRS jack
• Clock & Sync input – 3.5mm TRS jack
• Audio input – 3.5mm TRS jack

• Battery holder (optional): runs with 4 x AAA ~ 10 hours autonomy
• Dimensions (assembled): 127 x 92 x 56 mm – (w x d x h)
• Weight: 315g
• Power: 350 mW"

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