MATRIXSYNTH: Knight Dream // Synth Jam feat Sequential PRO 3 + Korg minologue XD + Access Virus TI

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Knight Dream // Synth Jam feat Sequential PRO 3 + Korg minologue XD + Access Virus TI

video upload by Sounds of Synth

"A synth Jam for the hardware jams challenge. Create some music to accompany a fantasy story / dream.

The story in full :

You awake, its early morning and the garden is full of cool mist. You stand up and consider your options, you notice another gate to your right through some trees and remembering the family is away this weekend you decide to go through the woods to the other gate. The gate is unlocked and walking through you now seem to be in some sort of castle turret. From a nook on your right an old man appears and he points at a large fish bowl. In the fish bowl there are two kittens, they are swimming in opposite directions and bump heads when they meet, the one crys when they bump, the other you notice has a blindfold on. You point to the one with blindfold and the man smiles and hands you the kitten. You take its blindfold off and gently place it on the stairs to your left and urge it with a friendly stroke to go up them. The man then points to the stair case on the right which you then climb. You find yourself at the top of the turret with two large wooden doors infront of you, and you wait for what seems like hours. Then you notice a large black panther on a balcony above to your left.....your heart starts beating twice the speed. The panther leaps down on you and gently licks your face, and you realise this is the kitten you chose. He gently walks to your right and sits down, and as you look at your new best friend you notice he has armour on, and then notice indeed you are holding a golden spier and are too dressed in armour. There is a creak as the doors begin to open, you know this going to be the start of something look at your friend again glady trusting and knowing each other, then gaze forward watching as doors unfold to reveal a new world.


Sequential PRO 3
Korg Minilogue XD
Access Virus TI
Launchpad for Sample triggering
Roland Gaia"

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