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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Mister 1-2-3-4 MophoGUI VST3 - Free, Open-Source Editor/Librarian Plugin for the DSI Mopho

video upload by Mister 1-2-3-4 Programming

MophoGUI VST3 version 1.0.0 is now available for free download at

"Putting MophoGUI VST3 To Work: A Song Built with Mopho Sounds Plus FX

As a use-test of the MophoGUI VST3 plugin, I created this slow, atmospheric acid jam using only sounds generated by the Mopho desktop analog synthesizer module plus various effects boxes and plugins (compression, reverb, delay, phasing). In the first half of the video, I scroll through the Reaper project and reveal the various audio and MIDI tracks that went into creating the song. In the latter half, I isolate each of the Mopho sounds and display the MophoGUI editor settings used to create them. Program parameters that were automated to change over the course of the recording are circled in red."

Interface minus audio

video upload by Mister 1-2-3-4 Programming

"MophoGUI is a VST3 plugin designed to be used with the Mopho desktop analog synthesizer module, manufactured by Dave Smith Instruments between 2008 and 2015. It presents all of the Mopho’s program parameters in a single editor window, lets you edit them within your DAW, allows for the automation of parameter changes, and lets you store and recall both factory and custom programs. At this time, MophoGUI is only functional within Cockos’ Reaper (version 6 and later) and Steinberg’s Cubase (version 10 and later). This video explains how to set up the plugin in those two DAWs.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Global Parameter settings on the hardware
01:17 Installing the plugin
01:27 Setting up tracks in Reaper
02:15 Setting up tracks in Cubase
03:24 Loading and editing sounds on the hardware via the plugin interface

MophoGUI is distributed free and open source under the GPL v3 license. You can download it and get more information about the code at If you find the plugin useful, please consider making a donation at the same website to support further development!

THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT GENERATE AUDIO. It simply provides editing and automation capabilities for the Mopho desktop hardware module. If you do not possess that module, the plugin is of no use to you. It is not compatible with the keyboard model.

I have no association with either Dave Smith Instruments or Sequential Circuits. These companies bear no responsibility for MophoGUI and cannot provide any form of support for it."

"Enhancements in this version:

- Compatible with Reaper (version 6 and up) and Cubase (version 10 and up)

- All sound parameters are exposed and can be automated and/or controlled via external devices.

- Six program storage banks: three read-only Factory banks which hold the original program presets that shipped with the hardware, and three Custom banks where you can store your own programs.

- The ability to copy-and-paste programs between slots in the Program Banks window.

- Specific wave shapes can be selected directly by holding down a number key and clicking an Oscillator Shape knob.

- Floating tooltip windows appear when you hover the mouse over a parameter control for a few moments. You can change the amount of time before the tips appear or turn them off entirely.

- More polished look-and-feel."

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