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Friday, September 10, 2021

NEW!!! OSIRIS - Bi-Fidelity Wavetable Osc by Modbap Modular

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"Dope new module announcement from Modbap Modular! Osiris is a powerful and neatly packed 12hp bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator with 7+ timbre modes including FM and phase modulation, an independent sub-oscillator, LoFi processing, extensive cv modulation capabilities, a pitch quantizer, 4 banks of 32 wavetables each (total of 128 wavetables across four banks), the ability to load user wavetables via micro sd card (not included) and it's own free open-source wavetable editor (OsirisEdit)."

via Modbap

Osiris is a bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator with 4 banks of 32 wavetables each (128 wavetables in total). Each wavetable has 32 waveforms at 256 samples per waveform.

Osiris is designed to be used as a powerful bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator with an added sub-oscillator. The sub-oscillator has its own v/oct, mix knob, and mono output. If the sub-oscillator output is not patched, the sub-oscillator output is normalized to the mix out. Essentially, the sub-oscillator can act as its own independent oscillator allowing Osiris to be utilized as two separate oscillators.

The Sub Wave allows for the selection of the sub oscillator’s waveform. The waveforms are – Square, Sine, Triangle, -1, -2, offering basic waves at a lower frequency than the main oscillator that add weight to the main oscillator. -1 and -2 represent a copy of the wavetable at 1 octave below and 2 octaves below the main oscillator, respectively.

The built-in VCA and decay parameters allow for wide-open melodic fades as well as easy percussive plucks.

Timbre Modes are a set of selectable forms of waveshaping that vastly expand Osiris’ range in sound possibilities. All of the Timbre Modes live on one CV-enabled knob, allowing for smooth morphing between modes which makes for some very cool blended timbres between modes. Timbre Amount allows for dialing in as much or as little of the selected timbre as desired.

Timbre Modes (Waveshapers)

Unison – Layers a second oscillator that detunes from slight beatings up to an octave.
Bend – Compresses the waveform to a thinner shape
Fold – Introduces symmetric 2-stage wave folding by first mirroring the waveform and then folding it
Sync – Repeats the cycle count of the waveform within a Hanning window, making the edges soft
Noise– Adds window-synced noise to the waveform phase
FM x 1 – Applies phase modulation to the oscillator using the same waveform
FM x ….8 – The FM scans through a ratio of 1 up to a ratio of 8 smoothly, with mixed stages in between

As a bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator, Osiris runs at 96khz for high-quality sound output but it also has a classic, pleasing, and musically gritty LoFi flavor. The CV-enabled Lofi knob controls the fidelity of the oscillator allowing it to go from subtle degradation to complete destruction. The sound of the LoFi parameter takes inspiration from old amiga computer audio characteristics, introducing sample jitter, phase drift, and resolution reduction. Because it is not a simple on/off switch, dialing in just the right amount of LoFi texture is easy.

Osiris allows the use of user wavetables via a micro-SD card (not included). Users may create, edit and save their own wavetables using OsirisEdit, an open-source wavetable editor designed specifically for OSIRIS to create wavetables and WavPaks (groups of Osiris ready wavetables organized into folders) that are compatible with the Modbap Modular Osiris oscillator. More on Osirisedit here.

Osiris was developed in collaboration with Ess Mattisson of Fors (

Other features include

User wavetables via Micro SD Card (card sold separately – not included)
Built on the daisy platform for easy updates, speed, and stability.
CV control over all major parameters
Sync button (resets the wave on the trigger)
Decay parameter
Pitch quantizer
VCA with trig input.
Tech Specifications

Width: 12HP
Depth: 28mm
Power: 50mA +12V, 50mA -12V

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