MATRIXSYNTH: Sugar Bytes Introduces Nest Modular Style MIDI Sequencer & Plug-In Host / Circuit Bending MIDI Generator

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sugar Bytes Introduces Nest Modular Style MIDI Sequencer & Plug-In Host / Circuit Bending MIDI Generator

Nest Trailer

Nest Tutorial Part 1
In Part 1 (of 4) we go over the basic principles of Nest, what kind of signals it generates, and how to connect them. We look at how to generate and assign MIDI data to sequence instruments. We also begin our deep dive into the modules.

Start 00:00
The Wire Page (first look) 1:07
The Sound Page (first look) 2:18
The Basics 3:24
Wiring a Voice 5:35
Velocity Input 9:02
Pitch Input 10:08
Patching Session 11:08
Scales 15:12
ALL Scale Mode 17:18
Scale Offset 18:55
Counters 21:17
Counter Demo 22:0
Counter Demo 2 25:12
Nest Tutorial Part 2
In Part 2 (of 4) we continue with our deep dive into the modules, covering many of the classic operators, namely the Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, the Shift Registers and the 7-bit Converters. We look at how they operate, and some strategies for using them musically.

Start 00:00
Multiplexer 00:05
MUX Demos 1:38
MUX as Gate Switch 2:48
MUX B Mode 4:25
Demultiplexer Music 5:44
Demultiplexer 7:26
Demux Patch 1 8:15
Demux Round Robin 9:15
Sample & Hold 11:59
S&H Music 14:44
Analog Shift Register 16:10
Digital Shift Register 19:00
Shift Reg Music 21:27
Shift Register Read-Write 22:02
7-Bit Converters 23:12
DAC Demo 25:14
ADC 26:26
ADC Demo 28:00
Binary Counter + DAC 29:09
Nest Tutorial Part 3
In Part 3 (of 4) the deep dive into the modules continues. Much of this part is dedicated to the MIDI input modules, such as the arpeggiator, and how external MIDI can be incorporated into your patches, or to trigger synced events and logic functions.

Start: 00:00
Delay 0:21
Hold 1:33
Clock Divider 2:24
Envelope 3:23
Inverted Envelope 4:50
MIDI Input 5:46
MIDI Transpose 9:15
Arpeggiator 11:08
Arp Music Demo 14:06
Step Sequencer 17:15
Math Module 20:40
Math: Wrap 22:54
Math: Min/Max 23:25
Math: Percent 24:20
Oscillators 25:41
Oscillator Demo 28:22
Nest Tutorial Part 4
In Part 4 (of 4) we conclude the module section with a look at Logic, Math and Utilities, and some clear musical examples on how to use them. We finish the series with a comprehensive overview of some of Nest’s most important features: Scenes, Plugin Hosting, and mapping Nest’s controls to an external MIDI Controller.

Start: 00:00
Logic: NOT 0:17
Logic Gates 1:24
Logic AND Patch 3:03
Comparators 4:38
Comparator Patching 5:52
If/Else 8:57
If/Else Patching 10:55
Gate to Trigger 13:15
Flip Flop 14:32
Wire Scenes 15:38
Hosting Plugins 22:22
MIDI Learn 25:43
Automation 27:04
MIDI Learn Demo 28:24
Thanks for watching! 29:32

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