MATRIXSYNTH: TR707 blinkenlights Screen Replacement for the Roland TR-707

Monday, September 13, 2021

TR707 blinkenlights Screen Replacement for the Roland TR-707

This one is in via @dylab


"One of the bad things that can happen to a TR707 is the LCD becoming Damaged, either by exposure to too much sunlight, liquid damage, bad luck, etc.

Whilst it is entirely possible to use a TR707 without looking at the screen, it isn't much fun. after repeatedly hearing people on the internet, searching in vain for replacement tr707 screens, i decided to have a go at making a replacement. my tr727 screen works perfectly, so it's a perfect opportunity to develop a replacement.

i was originally going to do this with an OLED, but finding a cheap one the right size was kind of hard. So i decided to go down a different path. Lots of little Leds and a couple of Led controller chips.

There are few question marks for this project still, especially regarding power consumption, i'm going to have to determine experimentally how little power i can get it to consume, by running the leds at the lowest possible duty cycle.

Also tbd is a nice way of attaching it to the TR707 without drilling holes in it.

This is only part of the screen replacement project, the other half is the MCU that will decode the data from the TR707 CPU. i'm sure that's going to have a few surprises."

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