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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Introducing the Roland SP-404MKII Creative Sampler and Effector

video upload by RolandChannel

The SP-404MKII Creative Sampler and Effector will be available in the U.S. in November for $499.99.

Chapter Breakdown
0:00 Introduction
What’s New:
0:52 Hardware
01:41 Inside
2:09 Sampling Workflow
5:27 New + Classic FX, Bus FX
9:05 Pattern Sequencer
10:58 DJ Mode
12:36 Customization

ROLAND SP-404 MK2 Review // 9 tips & ideas to make the most of it // Tutorial for the SP-404 MKII

video upload by loopop

"For a limited time until October 24, download my SP-404 MKII Superbooth sample pack for free here, maybe even finish a track in time for my contest if you get your hands on one! ►

Get the ideas, tips and insights from this video and all my others in my ever-expanding book of electronic music ideas, tips and tricks here: ► Patreon:"

"The SP-404MKII is the ultimate Roland SP sampler. Carefully refined through feedback from the beatmaking community mixed with extensive research and development, it’s faster and better than ever. With a vivid OLED display, 17 expressive new pads, expanded effects, fluid sequencing and sampling, and a massive library of authentic sounds, get ready for even more inspired creations.

Lightning-fast boot time, project loading, and sample import will have you knocking out beats in no time. Plus, 16 GB of internal storage give you ample space to store your creations or have your favorite samples at the ready. Whether you’re a beatmaking newbie or an SP pro, you’ll feel right at home with the intuitive layout and classic SP effects, plus a revamped sampling and sequencing workflow, Skip Back Sampling for quick performance capture, DJ mode to mix beats live, and more.

The SP-404MKII makes on the go beatmaking even easier. With its lightweight-yet-rugged design and expanded features, this unit is ideal for making amazing sounding beats on the move. Run it on AA or mobile battery power, capture audio from or stream directly to your mobile device via USB, or collab with a partner using the dual headphones outputs and mic/guitar input.

With the SP-404MKII’s vivid OLED screen and zoomable waveform view, sample editing is smooth as silk. Chop up samples by tapping out edit points in real time or slice samples automatically. Then finesse them with envelope and pitch shift. Use the new resampling workflow to re-record patterns and effects layers for detailed sound design. And with Skip Back Sampling, you can preserve those fire moments by capturing up to 25 seconds of audio from your last jam. Now, it’s never been easier to dial in and cook up beats the moment inspiration strikes."  

The Details

• Vivid OLED display for visual waveform editing, full menu access, and more

• 17 velocity-sensitive, RGB pads with no-click design for smooth playability

• Faster workflow with quick startup and load times, 16 GB internal storage, low-latency pads, and rapid sample editing

• Compact, ultra-lightweight design (2.6 lb./1.2 kg) with versatile power options: USB-C, mobile battery (via USB-C port), six AA batteries, or AC adaptor

• Extensive onboard effects, including SP classics like Vinyl Simulator and DJFX Looper, new Lo-fi, Cassette Simulator, and Resonator effects, and dedicated Vocoder, Auto Pitch, and Guitar Amp Simulator effects for the mic/guitar input

• 32-voice polyphony, 160 samples per project, and 16 internal projects for expanded programming possibilities

• Blazing onboard sample editing with real-time or auto-chop mode, auto BPM detect, envelope, pitch shift, and resampling for layering sounds and phrases

• Pre-loaded sound library with 144 high-quality, professionally recorded samples and patterns

• Extensive customization options with removable metal faceplate, downloadable outline template, multiple screensavers, and personalized startup logos

• Upgraded I/O includes 1/4-inch line in/out, 1/4-inch mic/guitar input, 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch headphones outputs, and 1/8-inch TRS MIDI in/out

• New resampling workflow for re-recording with various effects for detailed sound design

• Audio capture and streaming supported with mobile devices and computers via USB-C

• Skip Back Sampling to automatically capture up to 25 seconds of audio from your last performance

• Bus FX for layering multiple effects, with customizable routing for creating intricate sound textures

• Adjustable quantization and shuffle percentage across multiple note resolutions to customize swing

• Pattern sequencer with the ability to create full songs with BPM per bank, ideal for running backing tracks or programming performances

• Chain patterns for automatic playback and use Pad Link to trigger up to four samples with a single press

• DJ Mode enables new approaches to live performance by manipulating and mixing two separate audio files

• SP-404MKII editor software for Mac and Windows provides direct sample access, detailed waveform editing, sample management, pad assignment, and import of MIDI files and legacy SP-404SX and SP-404A projects

And the press release:

"Next-Generation SP Sampler with Vivid OLED Display, Expressive Pads,
Expanded Effects, and Numerous Workflow Enhancements for Modern Creators

Los Angeles, CA, October 13, 2021 — Roland announces the SP-404MKII Creative Sampler and Effector, the latest generation model in the legendary SP compact sampler series. Since 2005, SP samplers have been the bona fide kings of performance-based beatmaking, celebrated for their distinctive sound and ability to create rapid-fire beats anytime, anywhere. Carefully refined through community feedback and extensive research and development, the SP-404MKII is faster and better than ever, with a vivid OLED display, expressive new pads, expanded effects, fluid sequencing and sampling, and a massive library of authentic sounds to inspire new music. It is the ultimate SP sampler.

The SP-404MKII has everything creators love about its predecessors—along with some serious upgrades like 17 ultra-expressive pads and updated knobs for smooth, hands-on control. Beatmaking is even quicker with speedy boot time and fast project loading and sample import. Project access is also easier via 16 GB of internal storage, which comes preloaded with a large collection of curated samples to inspire the creative process right away. Users can create beats anywhere with AA or mobile battery power, interface with mobile devices via USB, or collaborate with partners using the dual headphones outputs and mic/guitar input.

Sample editing is ultra-smooth with the SP404MKII’s OLED screen and zoomable waveform view. Users can chop up samples in real-time or employ auto chop to slice samples automatically, then finesse them with envelope and pitch shift. The new resampling workflow enables users to re-record patterns and effects layers for detailed sound design. And with Skip Back Sampling, it’s possible to capture inspired moments by recalling up to 25 seconds of audio from the most recent performance.

The SP-404MKII features both legendary SP effects and a selection of new classics. Legacy staples like Vinyl Simulator and DJFX Looper are complemented with powerful additions that include Lo-fi, Cassette Simulator, and Resonator. Users can also plug into the mic/guitar input and jam with ready-to-go Vocoder, Auto Pitch, and Guitar Amp Simulator effects.

The enhanced sequencing features in the SP-404MKII provide the flexibility to create patterns with unique feel and energy. There’s adjustable input quantize and shuffle for custom swing, Pad Link for firing off multiple samples with a single tap, a Roll button for variable note repeat, and a BPM-per-bank for instant tempo changes. It’s also possible to organize patterns for different sets and chain them together to automate playback.

SP users are famous for personalizing their hardware to match their musical style and branding, and the SP 404MKII makes this process easier than ever. They can download a faceplate template to create custom overlays, style their startup screen with personalized logos, and select a screensaver that matches their creative vibe.

With the SP-404MKII App from Roland Cloud Manager, beatmakers can take the SP experience even deeper with a Mac or Windows computer. This powerful app enhances workflow with a large sample waveform view, a pad matrix for sample and pattern management, easy import and export of files, and the ability to convert legacy SP 404SX and SP-404A projects to MKII format. Roland Cloud is also home to Beatmaker Sample Packs, an exclusive series of premium sample collections created by top sound designers and musicians to inspire productions on the SP-404MKII."

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