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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Nord Lead 2 // Are 90's Synths Still Relevant?

video upload by Jorb

"One of the keyboards I can hardly imagine ever getting rid of, been meaning to do a bit on it for awhile but could never find the right angle, it just does so much.

Watching now, after rendering, the zoomed in view of the controls is a bit out of focus, if I plan on doing that, I'll look into my options to record in a higher quality on the camera.

I left in more than normal flubs, because they're funny.

Following up soon with a less-talking walkthrough of the built in prophet patches, stay tuned.

This was the 4th attempt at recording this, trying to tighten it up each time, and its STILL 40 minutes and I feel like there was plenty left out.

I still don't feel like I gave ring mod a fair shake, and there's an insane diversity of analog patches I didn't have time to demo.

A few things I should've highlighted but didn't:

-Oscillator sync
-The insane range available on the second oscillator
-LFO shapes and their insane range
-The dx7 imitating power of combining FM with extremely high LFO rates
-Loads of others

I intentionally left out the other products in the Lead line, there are enough differences that I would rather not touch on it without first hand experience.

Appreciate the time, thanks for watching."

16 VOICE PROPHET 5?! (Under $1000!)

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"Something About Us" // Live Looped Daft Punk Cover

video upload by

"'Something About Us' off of Daft Punk's 'Discovery'' has always resonated with me.

I view it as a truly timeless love song, and is one of the tracks that proves that the duo was so much more than dance music.

Bit unusual content for me, so as a compromise I'll talk about the gear involved.

Drums are samples on the mpc, first chords are the Yamaha Reface CP on its wurlitzer sounds, controlled with part D of the Nord Lead 2 which is programmed to make no sound.

This is routed through the Mpc 1000, running jjos, receiving multi timbral midi, so different midi channels in, get routed to different tracks on the mpc.

Each of the other 3 synth parts are from the nord, you'll see my left hand quickly change parts (b, c, a) throughout.

I mute the drums for a bit on the mpc, and other parts at the end.

Appreciate the watch, back to more educational synth content on Sunday!"

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