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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Droning with Pasco Scientific

video upload by osixoone sevenone

"A little drone with Pasco Scientific educational equipment, and a Tibetan singing bowl, looped with Axoloti. The mic input is pretty hummy, so i tuned the drone to the hum and made it part of the drone.
The Fourier Synthesizer is fixed at a base frequency off 440 Hz."

"A few weeks ago I saw this Pasco Scientific set on a second hand site, and thought that these would be great for making drone music. It was made for education on waveforms, AM, FM, and Fourier Synthesis, and once belonged to a University. Steve Mann made a great video about the Pasco Fourier Synthesizer [below]. Today i made a little drone video with this set, and looping it with the Axoloti Core. The dual oscillators have sine, saw, square and ramp waveforms, and there is AM, DSB (dual sideband) and FM. OSC 1 is routed to the modulation input for OSC 2. You can also cross modulate them. At 4:00 i patch the sum out OSC 1 modulation. The Fourier Synthesizer is fixed at 440 Hz, the harmonics have individual level and phase controls."

Pic of the setup.

Steve Mann's video mentioned above:

PASCO FOURIER SYNTHESIZER: Understanding Fourier series with one of my favorite things from 1970s

video upload by Steve Mann

"One of my favorite things from my childhood was the PASCO FOURIER SYNTHESIZER which left me with a very deep and fundamental understanding of periodic waveforms and their Fourier series representations.
I was fortunate enough to be able to play on this apparatus back in the early 1970s.
Here I try to capture the ineffable sense of awe and wonder that it left upon me.
Also featured is the Eico460 cathode ray oscilloscope that I've had since childhood, modified by switching over to a transparent CRT so you can see inside it and understand how an oscillosocpe works.

In 1978 I composed a piece of music that contains only a single note (while its various harmonics gently rise and fall): Adagio for PASCO FOURIER SYNTHESIZER and Lock-in Amplifier.
In 2016 we (Splashtones) did a live performance of this piece, accompanied by hydraulophone and clarinet, as the headline act for VRTO 2016.
See also
eico pasco015

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