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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

MakeProAudio X - DinoPark Mobile EX (Synth Engine Play-through)

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Here is a walkthrough of all the DinoPark synth engines with some of our favorite patches. In the video we see the DinoPark Mobile EX though these synth engines are common to DinoPark Eurorack, DinoPark Mobile and DinoPark Mobile EX."

Note the synth engines are from the Creamware SCOPE Platform, also found in the Use Audio Plugiator. DinoPark is also available as a eurorack model. You can find additional posts here.

via Noisebug

DinoDials are an optional expansion for DinoPark mobile (and mobile EX) devices and can be slided into the rails on the top of the unit. DinoDials come in two sizes - with either 8 or 12 touch-sensitive and freely assignable encoders! The display of the DinoPark will show the name of the parameter already when you slightly touch a knob - that makes “remebering” parameters real easy. Your favourite parameters in direct reach - great for your performance!

Another great performance feature is the Snapshot functionality which the DinoDial makes available! The encoders have a push switch function. A long push will store whatever sound is currently heard for later recall. Then, when playing live, a quick push of an encoder will recall the model/sound combination in a fraction of a second! and DinoPark does it in a fraction of a second. You can save as many different Snapshots as there are knobs - so 8 for the DinoDials 8 and 12 for the larger DinoDials variant!

There are specialized synthesizers that give you great results within their limited scope of specialization. Then there are versatile synthesizers that cover a large sonic spectrum using a sample-playback engine. And then there is DinoPark.

Nothing quite compares to its coupling of modular software technology and dedicated uber powerful Analog Devices SHARC DSP processor to do the sonic math. It’s this unprecedented technology pairing that puts DinoPark - and its CreamWare predecessors like Noah and the ASB units - in a class all by itself and how it can emulate such a variety of synthesizers and synthesis forms, in the most minute detail. DinoPark is a multi- specialist that can load - and perform as responsive hardware - very different synthesis specialization, thus being able to cover a very large sonic spectrum while delivering superior sound quality, like only specialized synthesizers can.

A total of 7 synthesizers for your Eurorack - while still small in size
Choose from a variety of awesome Synths - all precise replicas of the legendary classics
BIG sound - brings the highly praised CreamWare plugin technology back to life
One-of-a-kind, modeling Drum Kit and Bass Voice Synthesizer for Eurorack
A complete set of fully tweakable Drum Instruments - fully synthesized, no samples!
Full voice, expressive Bass Synthesizer alongside your Drum Kit
Expandable with “Dino Dials” Encoder Module - assignable, touch sensitive Knobs!
Integrates into the modular MakePro System - for as much tactile control as you want !

Having more voices and more timbres at hand within Eurorack, usually requires a significant amount of space and budget. Now – with DinoPark – you gain access to a wealth of timbres and sonic possibilities, while staying within your Eurorack!

DinoPark is not based on a fixed synthesis architecture – it is as flexible as your Eurorack. It can load different “synth models” which can feature radically different forms of synthesis.

As one of the finest drum machines of our time, the DrumsNBass model provides a set of fully tweakable drum instruments and bass synthesizer. As DnB uses modeling technology and not mere sample playback, each instrument has an intriguing set of parameters enabling an impressive variety in tone! You will also love the included bass synth voice - it can handle everything from warm, round and punchy to hard and aggressive and is therefore really versatile.

Minimax is a breathtaking emulation and replica of one of the most sought-after and popular synthesizers of all time. There are few analog synthesizers that have been digitally replicated with such precision. Enjoy the powerful oscillators, ultra-fast envelopes and flawless filters that add to the depth of the rich, harmonically infused bass and many other features that made the original instrument a cult classic. We diverted from the original in only one aspect - which you will love: we made it polyphonic!

With the Prodyssey we have brought a timeless piece of synthesizer history back to life. Thanks to its extensive modulation possibilities, a sample & hold section and special filters, this perfect emulation of the original offers you a cornucopia of high-quality and very unique sounds. Enjoy the unique punchiness tumbling sequences, blister leads and soft pads of this classic.

The Pro-12 brings back every iota of the glory of the original classic that took the world by storm in the late 70s. The first polyphonic synthesizer with full digital technology and preset recall. Equipped with the modeling and SSM filtering and modular generator and oscillator routing of the first series, the Pro-12 brings back the best of its sound. Enjoy the roaring sweeps and room-shaking rumble along with the comfort of an always-stable tuning.

The B4000 is a drawbar organ like no other. Its soulful and lively sound is in the tradition of the fabulous Hammond B3™. All the revered features of this glorious ancestor have been recreated with the utmost precision: 91 tonewheels, full polyphony, key clicks and percussion, scanner vibrato, overdrive and rotating Leslie™ speaker simulation. Bring the sound of the original to the stage and your home!

The Lightwave faithfully reflects the sound of early wavetable synthesizers. The versatility of the wavetable synthesis makes even experienced musicians today fall back on these synthesizers again and again in amazement. Sounds full of character and rich in overtones up to soft pads and "digital" sounds are the result of this simple and flexible synthesis method. And - some like it, some don't - we even modelled aliasing artifacts which were so typical for early wavetable synths!

With FMAGIA you get the unique soundscape of FM synthesis on your DinoPark. Sound synthesis of more complex sounds can be done quickly and easily using the four operators, flexible routing and a freely selectable oscillator. All the settings, options and integrated effects make FMAGIA sound as flexible as its ancestors from the 70s and 80s."

See the Make Pro Audio label below for more.

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