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Friday, November 12, 2021

Rainger FX - Snare Trap Drum Machine with Pedals and Synths

video upload by Sound Isles

"From the creator of wild musical devices Rainger FX, comes a wild and interactive drum machine that you play through, with, and for. Play beats manually, customize rhythm and sounds, sync it to other devices, trigger individual drums with controllers and modular synth gates. The Snare Trap inspires new rhythmic ideas and brings the jams. Here I explore its sounds and connectivity while destroying it with fuzz pedals, and distant modulated reverbs.

Thank you Rainger FX.

Other pedals featured:
Hypersleep - Electronic Audio Experiments
T-60 Analog Modulator - Demedash Effects
Patchulator 9000 - Boredbrain
~900 Fuzz - Fairfield
Maybe - Mask Audio Electronics
Rooms - Death by Audio"

"The Rainger FX Snare Trap is a powerful groove machine in a small form factor, perfect for quickly building rhythmic backing tracks in your pedal board or your desktop setup. Combining analog and digital synthesis techniques, the Snare Trap features a bass drum, snare drum, and hi-hat, with various timbral controls over each. The big rubber pad is multifunctional, and can be used for either tap tempo or triggering snare drum fills and bursts of noise. Dedicated effects including delay and a filter are easily accessible via the front panel, allowing you to adjust timbres in real time, while intuitive edit controls facilitate quick adjustments to your groove patterns on the fly.

If you want to connect the Snare Trap to other drum machines or clock sources, it offers analog trigger inputs for each of the three drum instruments. This little groove box can also send its own clock signal via the Sync Out port, bringing any other instruments that receive analog clock signals into step with the Snare Trap.

The Snare Trap completes the conversation with the rest of your setup by featuring an input port which allows you to bring in your own line level sources from guitars, synths, or other pedals in your chain, with adjustable Hi/Lo gain settings to accomodate your source. A dedicated mix knob controls the blend between the input signal and the groove, allowing you to dial in the perfect balance for your one-person band!


Drum machine in a guitar pedal format
Bass drum, snare, and hi-hat sounds available
Tap tempo button can also trigger snare fills
Delay effect for snare drum
Global lowpass filter
Trigger inputs for each drum
Analog clock output
Dry/wet mix for blending input signals with the drum track
Volume control"

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