MATRIXSYNTH: Sax In The Acid Rain (Sequential OB-6, Pro-2, Doctor A, QuadraVerb, MIDIVerb II)

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Sax In The Acid Rain (Sequential OB-6, Pro-2, Doctor A, QuadraVerb, MIDIVerb II)

video upload by thesrabbit

"I got a real camera. You'll know the shots when you see them. Unfortunately I don't have a tripod yet so most of the footage is from my phone, which sucks in low light. Anyways... I've had this little movie "epilogue" like riff on the OB-6 for awhile now. Perfect for walking down the dark streets in a deluge of dystopian acid rain. It just needs a sweet sax lead over the top. I spent quite a few hours trying to get a saxxy sound out of the Pro-2. I figure it's the best synth I got for taking on that daunting task. I'm using both filters, all 5 envelopes, every type of drive, all character FX, linear FM, and just a bit of the onboard delay for some width and depth. It sounds pretty reedy in the lower registers but rounds out as you move up the keyboard. The OB sound is classic. Not much to say about that. Generous amounts of delay and reverb courtesy the Audiothingies Doctor A and then I'm running everything through a MIDIVerb II + QuadraVerb combo as a master reverb, which completes the future dystopian from an 80's low-budget movie perspective feels. "Sax in the Rain" was already taken. So you get a half-baked title to go with a half-baked 4K video and a half-baked thumbnail and a half-baked performance with a full-on run-on sentence. Someday I'll rework this into something proper and release it."

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