MATRIXSYNTH: Voltage Modular VM900 System 35 Sequence

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Voltage Modular VM900 System 35 Sequence

video upload by boxoftextures

"Built a Moog System 35 modular system using the VM900 Collection modules in Voltage Modular. Essentially the System 35 is one row of modules, but in this case I've also added the Sequencer Complement B Expansion Cabinet as well. I've also built the larger System 55, which adds another row of modules to the cabinet, and am planning to make the smaller Model 15 as well. Can't quite duplicate them exactly but they're darn close. One of the things that's not the same is the signal routing modules, which aren't in Voltage Modular, although to be fair you don't at all need them in the software version the way you do in hardware. Another difference is that there's "only" a selection of modules as opposed to everything Moog ever made. That's also not a problem either. As an example, the 921ABB dual oscillator module in the System 35 isn't included in the VM900 Collection, but the 921ABBB from the System 55 is, so while not 100% authentic you can just pretend your System 35 doesn't have those extra B oscillators. Another difference is the keyboard interface modules, but again, because this is software that's not really a problem. Lastly the half-height row of the cabinet, the one at the bottom with the Console Panels, isn't part of either Voltage Modular or the VM900 Collection. But once again, that's not really an issue as you do have the functionality of those modules in the software regardless.

This video was recorded uninterrupted from start to finish, with no cuts or edits in the video at all. Note that it takes a few minutes to patch together enough modules for the thing to actually make noises, perhaps around 5 minutes or so. Also, I start from the bare System 35 and patch it all from scratch, with captions and highlights to show what I'm doing. Downloadable patch files will be posted for my Patreon subscribers shortly, so if you'd like to grab those head on over there and join up if you'd like."


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