MATRIXSYNTH: Fripper Tripper (Frippertronics with synths: DSI/Sequential Pro 2, Lyra-8, Boss RE-20, DD-20)

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Fripper Tripper (Frippertronics with synths: DSI/Sequential Pro 2, Lyra-8, Boss RE-20, DD-20)

video upload by thesrabbit

"For Black Friday, I bought myself Boss DD-20 and RE-20 delay pedals specifically for exploring Frippertronics. They showed up yesterday and I promptly recorded my first jam. It starts with a simple 2 oscillator drone from the modular running through a spring reverb tank (1 Eowave Titan and 1 Roland 512 VCO) The melodies consist of different patches that I've made on the Pro 2, which is another recent purchase. A little further along I introduce the Lyra-8 into the mix, because anything experimental should probably include the Lyra. Unfortunately I didn't have its output level up high enough, and you can't really hear it in the repeats, which is a shame. Other than not getting output levels matched ahead of time, I'm pretty pleased with the result. The modular, Pro 2, and Lyra are also running through the Audiothingies Doctor A in parallel, which is set to a long ping pong delay and a very long modulated plate reverb. To add some tape warble, I fed an attenuated LFO from the Roland 540 module into the RE-20's expression pedal input, which adjusts the "twist" parameter. Everything runs through the DD-20 first, which has a delay time of 7.1 seconds and is set to the "modulated" delay type, then from there it runs into the RE-20. I wonder what it would sound like if the signal chain was reversed. I bet one could pull off mellotron strings vibes pretty easily with this setup."

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