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Friday, December 03, 2021

Prophet Rev2 Soundset VCM ++ Volume 2 Patches

video upload by Creative Spiral

Patch list below.

"VCM ++ Volume 2 is here! This sound set takes advantage of the latest O.S. update for Prophet Rev2, with tons of new Vintage Voice Modeling Sounds, Binaural Stereo Stacks and Advanced Motion Patches. Available on Sellfy here:

A few years back I did a bunch of research and analysis on vintage synths from the 1970s through 2000s, to understand what gives classic/vintage synths their lush character and organic warmth. I published info on my findings at, and released a patch bank for the Prophet Rev 2 (as well as other soundsets for other synths in the past few years). This new soundset (VCM ++ Volume 2) is the latest release, harnessing the techniques I've been working on the past few years.

This sound set takes advantage of the latest Prophet Rev2 firmware released a few months ago, which fixed some issues with the Gated Sequencer Key Stepping, along with several other minor bugs. This O.S. ( is the latest stable release, and highly recommended for usage with these patches. They would technically work with previous O.S. versions, but not sound as good. Go get the latest O.S. for free on the official Sequential Rev2 forum. Note: It's technically a beta, but with Seq, their Betas are the same as release versions after they've been out a few months. They are the most stable, bug free versions.

Now that the Key Stepping of the Gated Sequencer works fully on stacked patches, there are some new capabilities that the Prophet Rev2 has.

Firstly, it can now pull off stacked/layered patches with Vintage Voice Modeling on both layers, with correct voice stepping. This allows for huge sounding vintage stacks, emulating double tracked or binaural stereo sounds, with tons of organic, vintage character through per voice modeling (VCM).

Second, the excellent gated sequencer / modulation sequencer can now be used in key stepping mode for stacked/layered patches. This provides the Rev2 with incredible syncopated motion capabilities, unmatched by virtually any other synth on the market. By combining two layers of Arpeggio motion, with strategically planned Osc Frequency Modulations, Cutoff jumps and other modulations, you can create incredibly rich animated motion that can be played up and down the keybed in any key. The resulting patterns that are created are extremely unique, and by targeting octaves, perfect fifths, and perfect fourths, along with staggered timing/reset points, you can create semi-procedural, intelligent melodies and multi osc harmonies that respond to your playing.

Third, the above two capabilities unlocked with the latest O.S. can be mixed/matched. For example, there are many patches in the soundset and demo, which have a pad, brass or string sound with vintage voice modeling on one layer, combined with an advanced motion arp on the second layer, for rich motion patches, with a fundamental organic, vintage style based underneath.

0:00 PAD-S Pulsimatic VCM
1:11 SPL ZepInTheLight VCM * Led Zeppelin
2:25 PAD Cars Drive VCM * The Cars
2:35 KEY Cars Drive Pluck VCM * The Cars
3:12 ARP PAD HorizonGlow VCM
4:22 KEY EP Everything3 VCM * Radiohead
5:08 SYN MuseUprising VCM * Muse
5:42 PAD-S Noisipulse VCM
6:47 STR Rush SubdivStack VCM * Rush
7:16 PAD M83 Supermod VCM * M83
8:25 ARP PAD Syncronicity VCM
9:30 SPL StrangerThemes VCM * Stranger Things
10:13 LED Pink Dogs VCM * Pink Floyd
10:52 BRS MegaBrass Swell VCM
11:40 ARP PAD ElectricCity VCM
12:49 STR MuseUndisclosedPizz * Muse
13:06 KEY EP KraftCompLove VCM * Kraftwerk
13:23 KEY PAD Majestic VCM
13:46 ARP PAD SolFlare VCM
14:38 BRS PartyLikeIts1999 VCM * Prince
14:58 SYN RuleTheWorld VCM * Tears for Fears
15:41 ARP Key ClockTicks VCM
16:44 PAD VOX SyncChoir VCM
17:14 LED Electric Lights VCM * Disneyland
14:45 ARP SYN 80sPulsar VCM
18:54 BAS BillieJeanDub * Michael Jackson
19:03 BRS BillieJeanStack * Michael Jackson
19:13 STR Near Orch Pit VCM
20:01 KEY EP AmbiPluck VCM
20:23 LED FloyShineOn VCM * Pink Floyd
20:43 KEY Prince DovesCry VCM * Prince
21:09 KEY PAD DXSpace VCM
21:36 ARP MachineSync VCM
22:29 SYN Axel F Lead VCM * Harold Faltermeyer
22:48 SYN TomSawyer Lead VCM * Rush
23:02 STR BigString Stack VCM
23:45 KEY EP DawnChorus VCM * Thom Yorke
24:45 SYN PhilDoesntCare VCM * Phil Collins
25:12 ARP DualingBass VCM
26:15 LED FlashBulb VCM
26:43 LED-M Daft RobotRock VCM * Daft Punk
27:04 SYN Separate Ways VCM * Journey
27:31 KEY EP Echopop VCM
28:26 STR DovesCry Strings VCM * Prince
28:55 STR BrightSolina VCM
29:30 SYN MemMoogDub VCM
30:08 LED FinalCountdown VCM * Europe
30:18 STR DeepMachine VCM
31:26 ARP CrystalPattern VCM"

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