Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Cinematic NDLR: Prophet REV2 / PEAK / WAVESTATE

video upload by Alba Ecstasy

"👉Prophet REV2 patches 👉

This is the third time trying to use the Conductive Labs #NDLR in a track that I could publish or improve, after a few tweaks to get it a little.

I thought it would be inconvenient for me to use such a device as the NDLRm only using its arpeggiators on my synths, since I'm used to program my sequences by my own and playing them in sync, manually.

Is it good for my #Cinematic projects? For sure!
It easily allows me to start such a track that can be worked and improved lately in my DAW.

Is it good for Berlin School? Well... since I'm just discovering it, I have to find a way to integrate it with my sequencers and my workflow.
The major contribution is that brings the chord progression (that I'm not using too much in my tracks), and starting from here, I'll have to sync the NDLR to the internal sequencers of my synths.

But in the #ambient world, the NDLR is a must!

Is it easy to use the NDLR?
I haven't yet read the user manual.
I have printed it and abandoned because the NDLR is very intuitive as long as you already worked with synths and sequencers.
Do you need music theory? Not so much if you're only using the NDLR.
That's why it should be, imho, a must in every beginner's studio.

Is this track too long and incomplete? Yes!
But I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

Sections and their instruments:
Pad: Korg Wavestate
Drone & Motif 2: Prophet REV 2 (REV 2 is by-timbral and I use it on two distinctive MIDI channels)
Motif 1: Novation PEAK

❤️, ae"

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