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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

New Moog Mavis Semi-Modular Analog Desktop & Eurorack Synthesizer - Demos & Details

Priced at $349. The differentiator on this model is in the (East Coast) wavefolder - see video #6 & 12 in the playlist.

Update: New vids added.

Playlist (you can use the player controls to skip around):
  1. Meet Mavis: A Moog Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer - Moog Music
  2. Moog MAVIS Semi-Modular Synthesizer: A Beginner’s Guide + Demos - Sarah Belle Reid
  3. 7 Fun Patches With the New Moog Mavis - Reverb
  4. Moog Mavis Semi Modular Analog Synthesizer Voice : DIY Standalone Synth + Eurorack Module - Perfect Circuit
  5. Moog Mavis Semi-Modular Synth: Overview and Demo with 5 Patch Presets - Patchwerks
  6. First Look: Moog Mavis semi-modular synthesizer - Marcus Schmahl
  7. Review: MOOG's MAVIS goes west! // 18 modular and wavefolding patch ideas explored // Full tutorial - loopop
  8. Moog Mavis Is More Complex Than Its Size Suggests - HAINBACH
  9. Everything Moog Mavis. - mylarmelodies
  10. Moog Mavis Sound Demo (no talking) with Empress Reverb - Limbic Bits
  11. Moog Mavis Sound Demo (no talking) - Bonedo Synthesizers
  12. MAVIS - The New Moog Synthesizer 🐸 - PanicGirlVids
The press release:

"Meet Mavis: The Newest Addition to the Moog Semi-Modular Family
Mavis, a new all-analog semi-modular synthesizer, delivers legendary Moog sound in an affordable and compact musical machine. An inspiring and expressive instrument, Mavis offers serious value to anyone looking to learn synthesis or explore Moog sound in a new way.

This build-it-yourself synthesizer kit is ready to come to life as a powerful, patchable analog instrument, either mounted in a Eurorack case or on its own. Mavis's intuitive design allows for immediate musical exploration (no patching required) and is ready to guide your journey through the expansive world of modular synthesis through its flexible patch bay and accompanying educational resources.

Mavis features the first-ever Moog wavefolding circuit, allowing for additive synthesis to sit alongside traditional subtractive synthesis, unlocking sounds never heard before on a Moog instrument. Mavis offers incredible value through its clever collection of circuits, including two oscillators, full ADSR, a ladder filter, sample and hold, attenuators, mixer, mults, and much more, providing all the tools needed for creative patching and sound design.

Mavis delivers huge depth of sound to any creative looking to begin their journey into synthesis, expand their Moog ecosystem, or enhance their Eurorack setup."

Additional details & pics:

"As one of their most affordable semi-modular synthesizers to date, Moog's Mavis is equally at home as a standalone instrument, companion to the Mother series, or active member of a bustling Eurorack system. Shipped as an easily assembled kit, the excitement of putting together your own instrument gives way to a wonderful journey of sonic exploration.

Mavis packs all of the essential elements of a full synthesis voice into a compact package—oscillator, filter, ADSR envelope generator, and VCA—as well as some special surprises, including Moog's first-ever wavefolder! Best of all, everything is accessible through 24 patch points, overriding the internal normalled connections and putting Mavis's signal flow under your control.

As with all Moog's best synths, Mavis begins with an all-analog VCO, with this particular design featuring a blend control crossfading between sawtooth and pulse waveforms. PWM and pitch modulation are available with independent level controls, and may be shaped by the LFO, envelope generator, or a mix of the two. The hallmark of any Moog synth, the resonant lowpass ladder filter, makes an appearance on Mavis, and may be similarly controlled with the LFO and/or envelope with positive or negative polarity. As for the VCA, leave it wide open for drones or shape it with the ADSR for lush swells or snappy plucks.

Mavis subscribes to the same modular philosophies as Moog's legacy instruments as well as their hit Mother series. With the 24-point patch bay, additional elements are available to coax more interesting patches out of Mavis. Split and distribute signals with the multiple, inject uncertainty with the sample and hold, and balance audio or control signals with the DC-coupled mixer. Most surprising of all is the inclusion of a diode wavefolder—the first such design on any Moog instrument—bringing a touch of West Coast-style waveshaping into their world of traditionally subtractive designs.

Though Mavis can exist totally independently, it shines in collaboration with others. Place it on your desk alongside your other patchable instruments, or remove Mavis from its enclosure and mount it in a Eurorack case as a 44hp module for highly nested interactions. Mavis ships with a handful of patch cables, overlay sheets, and a protective plastic dust cover for when the instrument isn't in use. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a fully-featured Moog synth voice, Mavis delivers in spades.


Fully analog semi-modular synthesizer
Easily assembled
24 patch points
VCO with sawtooth and pulse waveforms
PWM and frequency modulation
Resonant lowpass filter
4-stage ADSR envelope generator
Analog VCA
Utilities section includes mixer, multiple, sample and hold, and more
First-ever Moog wavefolder design
Onboard keyboard with scale and glide controls
May be removed from enclosure and mounted as a 44hp Eurorack module
Includes patch cables, patch sheets, dust cover, and assembly tools"

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