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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Magerit Eurorack Modules

Magerit LANIAKEA - A "cosmic" oscillator - New Release video upload by Magerit

A "cosmic" oscillator

The LANIAKEA concept comes from the idea of exploring all possible sound textures, from simple analog and additives oscillators to resonators and strings. Creating music from 80’s synthesizers... Or even experimental music? Everything is possible to make with this 14HP-wide module. Reinvent the sound with LANIAKEA

Are you ready to launch?
The LANIAKEA concept comes from the idea of exploring all possible sound textures, from simple analog and additives oscillators to resonators and strings. Creating music from 80’s synthesizers... Or even experimental music? Everything is possible to make with this 14HP-wide module. Of course, we have opted for a simple and intuitive, but powerful, interface. It is not very comfortable to learn hundreds of menus and thousands of hidden parameters.

Sources & textures
We have implemented several internal generators, starting with an analog oscillator and different (selectable) wavetables. The waves inside the wavetables are interpolated, so you can shape the sound without cuts and jumps by using the SHAPE control. In order to modify the harmonic richness, we have the COLOR knob, which applies a Low Pass Filter, a wavefolder or even an overdrive. Furthermore, a small additive oscillator is included in this module.

Harmony and Chaos
Not enough? LANIAKEA allows you to generate clusters of up to 8 waves. As you turn the CLUSTER knob, the number of notes increases progressively. In addition, you will be able to decide which chord to form with these 8 waves. Harmony in the cosmos is beautiful, but what about chaos? It is also interesting, beautiful and unpredictable. By turning CLUSTER to the left, the randomness of the waves increases until it becomes a true sonic chaos. Magerit LaniakeaMagerit LaniakeaLaniakea side ledsLaniakea detail

Feeding stars
All this big sound can feed a built-in resonator, acquiring different timbres. You can even convert the resonator body into a string system. The resonator operates permanently or it can be triggered by a signal is received at the EXCITER input. This same input also works as a Low Pass Gate / VCA. Control your universe
The flagship potentiometer is SPACE! This is a master controller that modifies all other parameters (configurable). From a simple sound to a complex one, or from a poor texture to a harmonically rich one, or from a small body to a super-cluster of textures? Anything is possible. As if that weren't enough, if you want to make your sound bigger and more "spatial", LANIAKEA features stereo reverb. The stereo output features a 16bit resolution at 44100Hz. Take a look to the manual for more details!"

Magerit METRO

Magerit METRO - Eurorack drum module - New release
We present our last model: the Magerit METRO. It is a drum synthesizer and a rhythmic sequencer, everything packed in a 13HP-width Eurorack module.
Magerit METRO - Walkthrough
0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Sound & Demos
1:10 - METRO Walkthrough
How to update your Magerit METRO
Today we will see how to update your Magerit METRO drum synthesizer. The tutorial will be in Spanish because our English pronunciation is not quite accurate. However, we have manually the whole script to English. Turn your subtitles on!
Magerit METRO - Instrument demo (only sound)
Demo of all instrument algorithms of Magerit METRO. No voices, just sound!

"Who has never seen someone playing a drum set made of plastics and tubes in the subway? It’s amazing to see how a paint can and some other stuff can produce such interesting tones and rhythms. Inspired by the idea of generating a “percussive whole”, we present the Magerit Metro. It is a drum synthesizer and a rhythmic sequencer, everything packed in a 13HP-width Eurorack module. Let’s have a look at all the features included in METRO. It features a 16-bit stereo output and a sample rate of 44.1kHz."

Real time computation
We have developed 11 unique algorithms: 3 bass drums, 2 snares, 2 tom-toms, 2 cymbals, a string generator and hand claps one. Each model allows you to modify its parameters at ease. In addition, you can adjust the volume and pan of each instrument individually. And if this wasn’t enough, these settings can be stored. So, you won’t lose those nice tones once you turn off your Eurorack system.

6 independent channels
The module has 6 slots (or channels). On each one you can load one of the instruments and generate different rhythms. The Euclidean sequencer allows you to play with mathematical proportions and generate groundbreaking patterns. In addition, a second kind of sequencer is included: a step sequencer. Both are fully configurable, (number of steps, ratios…) Absolute control
Regarding the control of each parameter, the TEMPO…, all potentiometers (and their respective CV inputs) are fully assignable. You can give any function to anyone. It is also possible to connect an External Clock Input! And that’s not all: all Trigger inputs are also modifiable. You can select which channel to run or even their response type: TRIGGER, ACCENT or RESET the channel’s sequence.
Magerit Metro frontMagerit Metro frontMETRO sideMETRO sequencerMETRO detailMETRO oled

Where is your performance?
Finally, the Magerit Metro has two built-in effects: Echo & Reverb (with a length of 2 seconds). Now your drum kit will sound as if you were in a stadium! Check out the manual to see all the module specs!"

Magerit VCA y VCF

Magerit VCA y VCF - Demo
Pequeña demostración de los módulos Magerit VCF y VCA

Magerit VCA es un módulo amplificador con dos entradas CV, cada una con su correspondiente atenuador

Magerit VCF es un filtro de dos polos con dos entradas CV (y sus atenuadores), para un mayor juego en el control del CUTOFF. Sus tres modos, Low Pass, Band Pass y High Pass, tienen salidas independientes.
Magerit VCA v2 - Eurorack VCA - Overview
Magerit CANAL - Eurorack VCF - Overview
Magerit CANAL - Eurorack VCF - Overview

"Our VCA had a complete redesign and now, we present its successor – the Magerit VCA v2 At first sight, many things have changed. The module is more compact and it is only 6HP wide. Furthermore, in this new slim module, you will find two completely independent VCAs. Cool, right?

Two responses

Each amplifier has its own switch which allows you to alternate gain its response between linear and exponential. If exponential response is selected, the red LED turns on."

"Say hello to the new Magerit CANAL, a continuous variable state filter of 2 & 4 poles. It could be a large definition of this new VCF, but in a few seconds we will explain why and what makes this module an unique filter.

All the known controls
First of all, the new Magerit CANAL has the classic controls of any VCF, such as the CUTOFF frequency control, the RESONANCE and their respective CV controls. Regarding the frequency control, there is a FM input with an attenuverter and a V / OCT input.

An oscillator too?
This module is self-oscillating, so it can run as an oscillator and produce sound even when no input is connected. Its frequency can be tuned to volts per octave (thanks to its V/OCT input). The CV input of the RESONANCE has an attenuator as an add-on.

Classic... and innovative
This module has two outputs, each one with a different and independent response… Well, here we can find Magerit CANAL’s magic. We mentioned earlier that it is a continuous variable state filter. The “variable” term means that you can change its response between LOW PASS, BAND PASS, HIGH PASS and all the responses in between, all smoothly interpolated. And “continuous” refers to the fact that these responses can be constantly changed, even live, using the SHAPE potentiometers (MU and LAMBDA respective to their output). As if that were not enough, CANAL has CV inputs to change these responses. When a jack is connected, the potentiometer will act as an attenuverter of the input signal.

How many poles?
In the center of the panel there is a switch. By pressing it we can alternate the filter’s “SLOPE” between 2 and 4 poles. When 4-pole-mode is selected, the red led will light up."
Magerit Polyseq

Magerit Polyseq - Overview
Update Magerit Polyseq - Tutorial

This little Eurorack module is a Swiss army knife. It can be used in almost every situation: jam sessions, live shows, recordings... You have a lot of possibilities thanks to its innovative polyphonic sequencer, and all its MIDI-CV functionalities."

This little Eurorack module is a Swiss army knife. It can be used in almost every situation: jam sessions, live shows, recordings... You have a lot of possibilities thanks to its innovative polyphonic sequencer, and all its MIDI-CV functionalities.

The interface
Magerit Polyseq is controlled by its intuitive and innovative encoder, displaying all the information you need on an OLED display. The interface has been carefully designed to be minimalistic and comfortable to use.

MIDI/CV converter
Since each output offers great flexibility, use them to play on a MIDI keyboard! Polyseq is also a MIDI-CV converter. In addition to selecting MIDI channels, playing with pitch bend control… POLYSEQ has a polyphonic mode, allowing you to play chords up to four notes. Discover all MIDI functionalities in the manual appendix!

In the latest update, now it is possible to design up to twelve patterns. Don't you want to enter the notes one by one? Connect a MIDI keyboard and you will have your favorite sequence instantly! In addition, you can modify the ratio of each pattern, the number of steps (up to a maximum of 64), save or delete them... Sounds great, but what if I want a rhythm pattern? It is so simple. Polyseq has a percussion-style mode. Thanks to the MIDI functionality, there are even more possibilities! Activate or deactivate any sequence, change the pattern to be played on each output at any time, design sequences of sequences… Take a look at the manual to see all the available functions (including additional functions).

More details
Great, but… do I need a computer? It depends on your needs! POLYSEQ works perfectly with both MIDI and standalone input. All of this is possible thanks to the balanced design between hardware and software. In Magerit, we have planned every aspect of the module. Everything is tested to ensure optimal operation and good performance.

New Magerit Skyline

video upload by Magerit

"Magerit Skyline has arrived! It is a multi-function generator. You can generate different envelopes, LFOs, physical behaviors (bouncing balls or springs) and random values.
Great flexibility while changing its rate, curvature, volume, shape, etc...
Furthermore, the module comes with two outputs, so you can have two independent modes at the same time."

The “Cuatro Torres” Business Area, the “KIO” Towers, the “Pirulí”, the wonderful Picasso Tower… They define Madrid’s SKYLINE. Now, by modifying any of these buildings or adding a new one will generate a new horizon. Great, right?

The concept

Magerit SKYLINE does the same. It is a multifunctional generator module. You can create different functions like envelopes or LFOs or even simulate physical movements or just provide random voltage values. Now, any line or curve can be created. Do you want to have a more exponential, logarithmic or linear response? SKYLINE is you module. It is a big module not because of its dimensions, but of its performance. Clean interface

Designed for Eurorack 3U systems, this module has a width of only 11HP. Really compact... As if this was not enough, it includes two independent outputs. That means that it is possible to have two completely different functions on each output at the same time. Thanks to its interface, you can easily control any parameter at any time. In addition, the 4 RGB lights will inform you about the current mode, channel (1, or alpha and 2, beta) and the status of the function. All the modes

Regarding the modes, these are what the new Magerit SKYLINE offers:

ADSR – a classic 4 stages envelope. It includes time and curvature control of each segment, plus a LOOP mode.

AD – Similar to the previous mode, but with two segments (Attack and Decay). It is ideal for percussion beats.

RANDOM – A random generator, with tempo adjustment. In addition, it is possible to modify its evolution type (jump, linear, exponential…)

BOUNCE – Ideal for generating physical simulations such as a bouncing ball or a spring. You can change its gravity, coefficient of restitution, etc…

LFO – We couldn’t forget this mode. There are 5 base waveforms, through which you can form new waves by interpolation. Controlling the symmetry of the wave gives even more possibilities. Additionally, both LFOs can be synchronized to each other or to an external signal and set different velocity ratios.


Will you have polarities and voltages issues? Skyline allows you to modify the offset of each channel individually. By changing the position of a simple jumper, you can get an output voltage range from ~-5V to +5V or from 0 to 10V. Designed to eliminate limits. And that’s not all, take a look to the manual to see all the functions in detail!"

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