Tuesday, November 22, 2022

SONICWARE Introduces the LIVEN Lofi-12

video upload by SONICWARE

SONICWARE Liven Lofi-12 - How to Make Lofi Music

video upload by ChrisLody

"So here it is, the new SONICWARE Liven Lofi-12 sampler, and it's pretty damn good.

The Lofi-12 allows 12khz and 24khz sampling frequencies with 128 sample slots. The samples are either 2 or 4 seconds long depending on the chosen frequency. Audio can be recorded directly into the internal memory via the Line In socket, after which sampled sounds are immediately playable across the keys chromatically. Sample playback is not interpolated (not smoothed out) so they have a gritty quality rather than being dulled by the low sampling rate.

A lot of features have been brought over from the Liven XFM including it's sequencer, voice modes, parameter locks etc, but this time the maximum polyphony is 10 rather than 6. Plus each track has it's own effects section that can be modulated by the parameter locks and the reverbs found in the Liven 8Bits Warps are here in a dedicated master reverb section with the addition of Tape and Vinyl effects.

There is a deep editing overlay like the XFM which enables samples to be trimmed, looped and reversed. It's possible to record in instruments and waveform and then loop sections to make the sound loop cleanly, a slight cross-fade is used to accomplish this.

The same Sound Locking function found on the XFM is present too so it's possible to modulate the sample selection in each track, so having a track play a kick and then a snare is entirely possible.

All in all it's a very well rounded little affordable sampler that can record directly into it's memories and can be used like a groove box. Pretty awesome I think.

Sampled drum break source: Future Music Magazine issue 135 cover CD

Free (and very good) audio recording app used:"


Liven LOFI 12 by Sonicware — instant lofi vibes!

video upload by BoBeats

00:00 What is the LIVEN LOFI 12? + Sound Demo
04:46 Beat from scratch + Going over features
12:00 Sequencer Performance Functions
16:15 Sample Locking: Making a drum beat with ONE track
17:33 How to Quickly Sample
21:28 Should you buy it?

● Retro sampling engine with 12bit Sampler mode

● Easily play samples chromatically across the keyboard

● Powerful 4-track sequencer with parameter and sound locking

● Laid-back knob for creating drunk beats

● 11 types of Effects each track and 8 types of Master Effect

The LIVEN Lofi-12 has a 16bit - 12kHz/24kHz sampling engine with the 12bit Sampler mode that will turn any sound into a pleasing lo-fi sound.

Like the many legendary samplers that were released in the late 80s, this is a genuine low-bit and low sampling frequency sound that cannot be obtained authentically with bit crusher effects and other modern sound degrading tools.

Up to 4 seconds mono sampling per sample slot (2 seconds mono sampling at the 24kHz mode). Start and end point trimming, pitch adjustment, reverse playback, sustain loop, filtering and LFO modulation are all possible."

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