MATRIXSYNTH: 5 Eurorack patch ideas with the Wavefonix W100 Modular Synthesizer

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

5 Eurorack patch ideas with the Wavefonix W100 Modular Synthesizer

video upload by DivKid

"Here we have 5 patches for Eurorack Modular Synth systems that I’m exploring with the Wavefonix W100 6U system. These patches are applicable to many modules, systems and multiple formats so try them out with what you have.

Join us for an exploration of modulating filters with oscillators, using free running LFOs to shift wavetables and bit crush FX, layering ring modulation tones, chaining FM and AM “operator” style, percussion synthesis tips and using multiple envelopes for layer more complex modulation.

This video is also an exploration and somewhat casual demo of the Wavefonix W100 system. We overview the modules included and get a feel for the sound and patch potential throughout."

00:00 Hello & patch previews
00:36 What are we doing here?
01:06 Checking out the Wavefonix W100 system
02:05 PATCH 1 // VCO and noise based filter modulation
04:43 PATCH 2 // Free running LFOs for wavetables, bit crush and beyond
07:04 PATCH 3 // Layering Ring Modulation tones
08:52 PATCH 4 // Chaining FM & AM plus percussion synthesis
12:01 PATCH 5 // Dual Envelope filter modulation

via Wavefonix

W100 Modular Synthesizer (6U/104HP)
Our 6U, 104HP W100 Modular Synthesizer is an excellent, compact system for the studio; offering a good balance between versatility and portability. It features the essential modules that you would expect from a small studio setup, but with a broader range of modulation and sonic possibilities over the smaller W314, along with sequencing capabilities from our 8-Step Sequencer.

The system is housed in an elegant, solid walnut 6U, 104HP case. Also included is a premium integrated PSU from Konstant Lab.

Included in the system are the following modules:

1 x MIDI Interface (MIDI)
2 x 3340 Dual Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
1 x 1847 Wavetable VCDO
1 x 6-Channel Linear Mixer or 6-Channel Audio Mixer
1 x 2140 Low-Pass Filter (LPF), 2144 Low-Pass Filter (LPF) or 3320 Low-Pass Filter (LPF)
1 x 3310 Envelope Generator (EG)
1 x 3310 VC Envelope Generator (VCEG)
1 x Noise Generator (NG)
1 x 3360 Quad Linear VCA
1 x 2710 Envelope Follower (EF)
1 x Ring Modulator (RM)
1 x Dual Sample & Hold (S&H)
1 x Clock Divider (CD)
1 x 8-Step Sequencer
1 x Linear Attenuator (AT)
1 x Dual Switch (SW)
1 x 4x4 Passive Multiple (PM)
2 x Dual Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO)
1 x VCD Low-Frequency Oscillator (VCDLFO)
1 x 3-Channel Stereo Panning Mixer
1 x Audio Out (AO)

Please note that we can also offer custom module configurations to suit your requirements.

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