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Friday, September 15, 2023

Beanie Bunnie - Moo Moo Dual Oscillator

video upload by Jeanie

You might recognize Jeanie and her Buchla performances from previous posts here on MATRIXSYNTH.

0:00 - Set up for Sync / Through Zero and Ring Modulation
5:57 - Melody / Kick and Metallic Percussion
7:54 - Kick / Snare / Bass and Percussion
9:20 - Square Bass / Kick / Snare / Metallic Percussion
11:19 - Jazz Drum Kit / Bassline and Noise
13:19 - Jazz Drum Kit and Bassline
15:18 - Drums and Noise

"Moo Moo Dual Oscillator is available now!

I’ve been working on analogue designs since I got asthma during pandemic and had to take a break from singing…

This multiple layered dual oscillator produces a wide array of sounds from pure tones to complex noise and has some unique qualities that I’m really happy with. And today, finally ready to release…

There are some module introductions below. Please contact me for more details if you’re interested. Thank you so much for your support!

The Moo Moo Dual Oscillator from Beanie Bunnie features:

2 x Fully featured through zero analogue oscillators.
1 x Analogue Noise source with dedicated analogue state variable filter.
2 x 2 input mixers with inverted outputs for extra wave shaping options, plus CV and manual controls for crossfading between each input.
2 x Octave controls with 5 octave range and CV control.

Each oscillator section features:
Individual outputs for Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square and Pulse wave forms (+/-5V).
1 x Through zero linear frequency modulation (TZ LIN FM) input which is normalled to the output of the opposite mixer/crossfader and a TZ LIN FM amount control.

1 x TZ OFFSET control that offsets the through zero modulation 0 crossing point and also acts as a coarse tune for the oscillator frequency.
1 x Large fine tune control that has a 1 octave range for precise setting of the frequency.
1 x Octave with CV input that has a 5 octave range.
1 x Pulse Width Control and with CV modulation (PWM) input.
1 x Noise amount control that sends the output of the filtered noise section directly into the through zero modulation of the oscillator (this is in parallel with TZ LIN FM input).
1 x Sync control with option of setting both oscillators to hard or soft sync via the mode button.
1 x Exponential Frequency Modulation Input for V/Octave connection from a keyboard. The right input is normalled to the left so both oscillators can follow keyboard pitch with only one connection.

Each mixer section features:
2 x Inputs (A and B) for audio or CV sources.
1 x Crossfader control plus CV input that can also act as a volume control or VCA when only one of the mixer inputs is used.

The noise section features:
1 x Analogue noise source (sent into the filter).
1 x Analogue state variable filter with selectable Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass modes.
1 x Mode select button with hold function to switch the oscillator sync between hard or soft sync.
1 x Filter resonance control.
1 x Filter frequency control.
1 x Filter frequency CV input.
1 x Filtered noise output.

The other modules shown in the video are the Tiny Tot Utility and the Huhu 4 Att-Verter.

The Tiny Tot Utility features:
2 x 2 input mixers with bipolar attenuverters for each input and one input normalled to +5V.
2 x Manual or CV controlled dividers with setting for /2, /4, /8 and /16.

The Huhu 4 Att-Verter features:
4 x Attenuverters with dedicated outputs.
1 x Mixed output for channels 1 and 2.
1 x Mixed output for channels 3 and 4.
1 x Mixed output for all channels.
Channels 2 and 4 are normalled to +5V."

Update: you can find an overview video by Todd Barton here.

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