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Friday, September 08, 2023

Erica Synths BULLFROG! Video Manual

video upload by Quincas Moreira Music

"The Bullfrog is an EDUCATIONAL Synthesizer by Erica Synths in Latvia. It is meant to teach young people and adult beginners the basic principles of electronic sound synthesis!"


Intro - mostly me talking for a bit 0:00
Bullfrog modular synth 0:40
Normalization 0:55
Signal Flow 1:35
Printed Manual 1:45
What is sound? 2:10
Frequency-Hertz 2:38
Human hearing range 2:50
Electronic sound 4:09
The Bulfrog Panel 5:17
The Oscillator AKA VCO 5:22
Voltage Control 5:27
1v/octave standard for Pitch control 6:28
what is an octave ? 6:40
Linear vs Exponential 7:20
Amplitude and Volume 8:20
The VCA : Amplifier or attenuator? 8:33
The Filter AKA VCF 9:19
Timbre: Harmonics AKA Overtones 9:35
Wave shapes and waveshaping 11:14
The Mixer 12:55
The NOISE generator - Aperiodic sounds 13:14
First Patch :simple manual control 14:41
Modulation Sources 15:44
Envelope Generators 15:54
Gates and the Manual Gate button 16:27
FX: The Delay 18:19
Performing the patch 19:59
The Sine waveshaper 20:45
Adding the Filter 21:17
Resonance 22:26
Filter as oscillator (High Feedback) 22:57
Duophonic Bullfrog 23:28
Automatic Filter control 24:14
PWM: Pulse Width Modulation 24:35
The Square Wave 25:32
LFO: Low Frequency Oscillator 25:49
ENV GEN Loop switch 26:26
ENV GEN BP Output 26:47
Rhythms with the ENV GEN 29:19
Keyboard Control 29:59
Velocity modulation 34:00
Making waves and winds with Noise 38:11
Turntable rhythms with noise 39:20
Sample and Hold 40:18
The LFO as Gate 44:14
The 50's Sci Fi Patch! 45:06
Stepped LFO 46:10
The human body as mod source 46:31
The Divider 48:42
The Built in Speaker 54:11
Preset Cards and the Card Slot 55:40
The Sequencer card 57:28
The Organ Card 59:26
Subtractive vs Additive Synthesis 59:49
The Smiley Card 1:03:00
The DIY Card 1:03:45
Outro - Stay Noisy! 1:04:35

/ quincas

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