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Monday, March 25, 2024

Sonic Seed Trot & Hadouken

video uploads by Sonic Seed

Hadouken via Sonic Seed

S&H In S&H trig S&H out

S&H In 8, S&H Trig 9, and S&H Out 10 are a set of sampling and holding circuits. S&H In 8 inputs the signal that needs to be sampled,S&H Trig 9 inputs the Trig signal that samples the input of S&H In 8, and the sampling result is held until the next Trig signal triggers a new sampling, and the result is output at S&H Out 10. When S&H In 8 is not plugged in, the Trig signal of S&H Trig 9 samples the Noise Out of 2, resulting in a nearly random sampling result. The sampling-hold function can be triggered by pressing button 5 when the S&H Trig 9 has no insertion line.

Noise Trig & Noise Out

Noise Trig 1 and Noise Out 2 are part of the Noise generator, which continuously outputs a Noise without any input, which is the result of the sound amplified many times after the breakdown of the Zener tube. If a wire is inserted into the Noise Trig jack, the Zener tube will stop the breakdown state. At this time, give a signal, which can be Trig, square wave or any other signal, only if it is higher than 3.3v, it will again break through the Zener tube, constantly reciprocating, changing the output effect of the Noise Out.

Offset Out

Knob 3 changes the output voltage value of Ofset Out 4, when the button is pressed 5.Ofset Out 4 will output voltage according to the position of the knob, release the button, and the output is terminated.

Aux in & out

Aux In 6 and Aux Out 7 are a set of envelope non-tunable Vcas triggered by button 5. Aux In6 can be an audio input or other signal input, press button 5,Aux In6 input will be output from Aux Out 7 after adding an envelope control. Noise Out2's noise output is added to AuxIn 6 when AuxIn 6 is not plugged in. This means that you can directly control the noise output in Aux Out 7 by pressing button 5."

No additional image for Trot, however, details follow:

Trot is a special filter module, designed on a basic basis
Ultrasound from Ciat Rollz5
flters, the circuit has been updated. Trot's special
Is that it has a strong self-exciting effect, and can
To ping.

Cut off in1&2

It consists of two sets of filters, left and right, and two sets of cv and knobs control the cutoff value of filter 1 and filter 2 respectively. But the two cutoff will affect each other, and adjusting the parameters of filter 1 will also affect filter 2, especially in the case of self-excitation.

Ultrasound flter is used as a drum source in Rollz5, and Trot can also be used to give a trig signal in audio in9 or audio in8, in audio out5 or audio out10 gets a drum sound, which can be changed with a knob, and cv does the same.

Audio in 1&2

in the absence of any input from audio in, its self-excitation gives audio out a very grumpy output, you can plug audio out° into audio in8, get an enhanced grumpy output in audio out10, and vice versa.


Filters 5 and 8 each have a selection switch next to the output, adjust the switch position to change the degree of self-excitation.


*Trot can also be used for filtering, the filtering will have distortion, and the sound is very special!

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