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Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Wear & Tear - Blown Away

video upload by Ampersand Ampersand

Wear & Tear Eurorack Synthesizer Effect Overview

"Ampersand Ampersand is excited to announce the launch of Wear & Tear, our inaugural Eurorack module that masterfully recreates the characterful imperfections of vintage tape machines.

Dive into the heart of sonic nostalgia with your own personal time machine to the golden age of lo-fi soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from the classic charm of cassette recorders, Wear & Tear is your key to unlocking a treasure chest of degraded magic. Designed for modern musicians who crave that elusive lo-fi sound, Wear & Tear offers a versatile range of effects from subtle saturation to complete sonic transformation. Experience everything from the gentle flutter of tape warble to the gritty charm of sounds that seem rescued from a forgotten attic tape collection. Wear & Tear brings the quintessential lo-fi aesthetic right at your fingertips, blending the raw beauty of vintage imperfections with the precision of modern control. As you weave dense ambient textures, embark on a journey through sound where the only limit is your imagination, and discover the boundless possibilities of lo-fi weirdness and beyond.

Key Features Include:

Tape Saturation: From just a touch of warmth to hard clipping, the tape saturation algorithm delivers a spectrum of overdriven options
Wow & Flutter: Adds a dynamic layer of movement to your sound, which can be tempo synced for musical cohesion.
Stereo Low Pass & High Pass filters: Tame your saturation, or push it to the limit with additional resonance.
Noise generator: A pure white noise generator that can crackle and pop, an added envelope follower allows you to push the noise volume or duck it with incoming audio.
Crinkles: Sporadic dropouts add to the authenticity of cassette emulation
Age: A shifting non-resonant filter transforming incoming audio to the sounds of yesteryear.
Dust: A macro control to add chaos to all other settings.
One-Knob Compression: Simplifies the often complex process of compression into a single user-friendly knob, adjusting threshold and ratio together for immediate sonic impact.
Dual-Function Knobs: Each knob supports a primary and an alternate setting, enabling complex configurations and interactions between effects.

Head to the site:"

Great Memorex intro.

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