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Saturday, May 13, 2023

EaganMatrix Programming for Osmose - Programming Gestures

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"There's a nice video on the Expressive E site that demonstrates the various Osmose gestures, however most of these need to be programmed into a preset. This video presets some of the main ways (there are others) to create and/or configure the ten Osmose Gestures presented on the Osmose site: Tap (Scaled Z SGs), Press (Z Control), Press & Tap, Pitch (vibrato), Aftertouch (Y Control), Shake (Derivative control), Strum (Stepped Z functions), Pressure Glide (Pressure Portamento), Note Off (Release on Z and other options) and various custom combinations of all of the above.

Go here to get the 'Simple Strum' example preset if you want it:"

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

EaganMatrix Programming for Osmose - Envelopes (Basic Constructions)

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"This video address some of the basics on how Osmose (and to a lesser extent Continuum) presets create envelopes (note I've always used 'an-velope pronunciation vs. 'en-velope) to impose Attack, sustain (pseudo decay) and release profiles and also presents a method to create arbitrarily complex envelope shapes using the new note graphing function. A follow up video will look at use cases for how these envelopes are actually used in Osmose System Presets. Note that you can create traditional ADSR shapes with programming but they are not the common use case when creating Osmose preset profiles.

Simple use cases are presented for applying envelopes to SL/SR output amplitude, applying enveloped for filter cutoff shaping and applying them to modulation inputs, though they are used for many other cases like shaping noise, dynamically altering shape generator frequencies, adding delay effects, etc. Those cases will be covered in the follow up video."

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Osmose Pressure Response - Unbelievable Sensitivity and Control

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Here's a short little EaganMatrix test experiment that drives home the point that we all should be tweaking the Osmose Sensitivity parameters to best suit our playing style(s) which may change depending on the type of music we are playing. In particular, I show how you can modify Pressure and Aftertouch Sensitivity to allow you to impose a vibrato with (at least to me) reasonable and comfortable pressure without triggering Aftertouch effects that you may not want to incorporate with your vibrato. The range of sensitivity control over pressure on the Osmose is truly amazing (and bend too but did not go into that here)."

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

EaganMatrix Programming for Osmose using the CVC

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Tested out the CVC connected to Osmose using the Haken Editor and CVC based presets that Expressive E provides in the Utility category. Here's a presentation on the fundamentals of using the CVC both in stand-alone default mode (options selectable in the editor) and programmed through the EaganMatrix.

Note that the Evaton Technologies 'uCVC"' also works if you are primarily interested in monophonic CVC connection (you can chain two together for duophonic operation) but that is not covered here as most will want to maximize using all four CVC channels with Osmose.

Note I also testing downloading Pitch Table Editor (PTE) tunings to the Osmose and they seem to work ok (though the editor is still visually geared for Continuum). So you can explore micro tunings and customer scales including importing Scala files on your modular setup using this connection though I don't go into great detail as PTE is its own video."

Saturday, April 08, 2023

EaganMatrix Programming for Osmose - Initial Concepts

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Initial video comparing Haken Continuum to Osmose and showing the basic Osmose specific programming techniques that form the basis for more complex preset construction. No prior EaganMatrix programming experience is required but basic EaganMatrix programming knowledge will help a bit. If this causes any confusion search pout the initial EaganMatrix programming videos here and start watching them as 90% of EaganMatrix programming is identical between Continuum and Osmose. This video stresses the Osmose specific use cases for Pressure (Z) and Aftertouch (Y) and goes into a lot of fundamental discussion as well as only a single Oscillator is used for discussion. But the video touches on most of the top-level programming techniques that you will find in Osmose presets.

The EaganMatrix preset that goes with this video can be found here:"

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Haken Continuum/EaganMatrix - Building a Simple Organ Preset

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Here's a simple method for creating an organ preset used in a number of Continuum and Osmose organ system presets. This preset can run on both. The idea is to use the 5 oscillators as configurable stops you can set to partials 1 to 8 (you can set more if you like) and then use a Z formula on SL/SR to adjust max attenuation of that component. One Oscillator is used to bring in subharmonics which adds lower octaves increasing the size of the sound.
Short video so you can pause if the text balloons describing the construction go by to fast (no talking - just example of sound playing in the background that is set to a fixed configuration - on for playing main organ part on Slim Continuum and the other set for a different setting for the orchestra reduction with a bit of license).
The preset is available here if you are interested:"

Friday, January 27, 2023

Haken Audio / EaganMatrix: Macro Controllers in 9.95 and Later Firmware

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Short video showing how to create and use Macro Controllers in EaganMatrix presets confirming to features in 9.95 and later firmware. This should apply for Haken Continuum, ContinuuMini, EaganMatrix Module and Expressive E Osmose."

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Osmose sound design work in progress #5

video upload by Expressive E

"This video is giving a sneak peek at the current state of some sounds that our in-house sound designers are programming using the EaganMatrix by Haken Audio, Osmose's internal synth engine.

These sounds range in different categories such as subtractive synth sounds, FM keys, physical modeling pluck, and pads, all taking advantage of the new keybed interactions offered by Expressive E's AKA (Augmented Keyboard Action©).

More info on Osmose:

Music composed & performed by Tonnerre / video production: Tonnerre"

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix: Continuum + Bitbox + EaganMatrix Module = "Aleatoric Music 1010"

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Here's a fun combination to create a simple Aleatoric Performance that will be different every time you create it. I sampled 16 different Haken Continuum preset performances of different lengths into a 1010 Music bitbox, some of which are custom built on random elements (like the drone that runs throughout in slot 1). Then I randomly triggered them starting with the drone that sets the overall time of the piece (ca. 4 minutes). The output of the Bitbox is sent into an EaganMatrix module for Master Section reverb processing (Modulated Delay) and also dynamic stereo tapped delay processing that uses an oscillating tap percentage on each channel at two different rates and amounts to create a shimmering pitch shifting effect on the output. Everything is Haken Continuum manipulated sounds. Of course, I could sample in a totally different set of things next time and create this kind of music easily all day long."

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Creating a Generative Drone with Note Graph

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"I thought I'd try to create a preset that allows you to set a specific set of pitches for each of four oscillators and then using S&H randomly play those pitches in four part "harmony". Then add a bunch of controls to change the dynamic pad output if you like. Before the Note Graph function added to 9.95 and later releases this would be impossible, but now you can do some really nice generative things with configurable pitch sets.
No talking here - just using balloons to briefly explain the process for those who want to try doing something similar."

Friday, July 22, 2022

Haken Audio - EaganMatrix Module - Testing Processor Presets

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"The HakenAudio Eurorack EaganMatrix module is not only a CV and MPE midi controlled physical modelling synth (supporting many other sound generation models) but also can function as a DSP audio processor. The Module comes with a number of Audio Processing presets in the 'Processor' category that you send Audio to through the L/R Audio input ports. These range from reverb and delays to Karplus Strong and FeedBack Network Delay processing options (many more options will likely be available in future releases and you can easily create your own in the EaganMatrix (certainly a heck of a lot easier than writing your own DSP processing code).

I thought I'd test them all using a filtered, envelope generator shaped noise pulse (which is ideal for some of the Karplus and Delay network examples). Some of them don't do much on a short noise pulse so at the end I run them on constant filtered noise as well.

No talking on this one. Just stepping through the presets sending the noise pulses and then playing with some of the Macro Controls that change various parameters of them in real time - which you can do from the module with the Rotary or through the Haken Editor or using a Midi Controller. But this test is all CV and Audio controlled."

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Haken Audio - EaganMatrix Module Demo - "Choir and Ext" Preset

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"A short demo of the new "Choir and Ext" EaganMAtrix module preset - here using two EaganMatrix modules (though that second module could be any complex VCO or sound generator that creates a waveform that suits the BiqBank formant generator that is the basis of this preset). Basically this is the Choir preset that has been around for a while that takes an external audio input (here EaganMatrix Module Stereo Audio input) and crossfades that with the Sawtooth Wavebank that defaults to driving the formant generator. Macro Controllers are used to both control the formant type and also bring in the crossfade of the Audio input (from None to 100% Input control). SO you can get some very nice effects in the module of that crossfade when both controls are actively driving the formant generator."

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix Vocal Processing - Making of a Dalek

video upload by EaganMatrix Programming

"Presenting the basics of simple vocal effect processing in the EaganMatrix using the Slim Continuum in this case. Here showing how to create a Dalek-like ring modulated vocal effect using the EaganMatrix Multipler. For Continuum and A/D converter is required. For the soon to be released EaganMatrix (Eurorack) Module, you will be able to send analog audio directly into the EaganMatrix for processing."

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Jenny Oscillator Basics

video by EaganMatrix Programming

"A discussion of the operation and programming of the EaganMatrix Jenny Oscillator (pronounced "Genie") that is included in post 9.0 Haken Continuum and ContinuuMini firmware. The Jenny Oscillator is synced to a Master DSF Oscillator. It has its origins from that used in Georges Jenny's Ondioline (invented 1941), though Lippold Haken has added a number of extensions to this new digital implementation (the only digital model known to be available). Christophe Duquesne had the original idea and with Lippold and Ed Eagan they worked on and implemented this wonderful new addition to the EaganMatrix, ideal for creating a wide variety of reedy timbres with complex harmonic spectra."

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix: Using the ContinuuMini as a W,X,Y,Z Eurorack CV Controller

video by EaganMatrix Programming

"Demonstrating one of an almost infinite ways to use a ContinuuMini with Evaton Technologies uCVC as a four degree of freedom (WXYZ) controller for Eurorack systems (though it could be used this way with any system that uses CV input to manipulate sound parameters). Here the Mini primarily controls a TiNRS Tuesday Sequencer and Rabid Elephant Natural Gate that are really 'running the show' (not ContinuuMini pitch and envelope control). EaganMatrix CVC programming is used to impart a much more complex CV interaction that would be possible with a traditional XY CV (for example joystick) controller. Note with only a ContinuuMini and a uCVC, you will ideally want to set your preset Polyphony 1 to avoid discontinuities when playing polyphonically which is not the intent here but you might do it without realizing it (not using ContinuuMIni audio output at all here)."

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Four-Note Arpeggiator & Using ContinuuMini with uCVC/CVC

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Creating a Simple Four-Note Arpeggiator - EaganMatrix Programming

"Experimenting today creating a simple four note Arpeggiator in the EaganMatrix. This preset lets you define four tones that are settable in real time using the i, ii, ii and iv controls. Four notes are always played but you could vary that with extra programming. Y induces some octave shifts and a fifth too that you can press with multiple fingers to play the tones polyphonically at the octave - but the tones themselves are not produced by X (but by the controls). Added Speed control and put a couple continuous pedals on two of the controls to change the pitch sequence with your feet. But the real fun comes when you connect a Keith McMillen Softstep 2 and program chord changes - as the Softstep lets you change all four of the i, ii, ii and iv controls together with the press of a foot or hand. I added some balloons as well to summarize the few steps used to create the preset."

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Using ContinuuMini with uCVC/CVC (Control Voltage interfaces)
EaganMatrix Programming

"Discusses how to connect and use a ContinuuMini (also Half/Full and Slim Continuums) with the Haken Audio Continuum Voltage Converter and especially the Evaton Technologies uCVC for playing Monophonic synths and modules (though playing polyphonically will be similar - just use more CVC channels in parallel with preset Polyphony set greater than 1. Here using a Moog Slim Phatty as the instrument being played by CV - but could be any synth or Eurorack or other module that accepts CV inputs. Also introduces EaganMatrix CVC programming that is essential in using CV with non-standard CV interfaces."

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Programming Morphing Presets

EaganMatrix Programming

"Intro video that demonstrates a few simple methods of morphing between two sounds in a single preset, and if your Continuum has 3 DSPs a simple technique to morph between two separate presets that you have loaded as a combination preset."

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Using Continuum as a Digital Sound Procesor

EaganMatrix Programming

"Short video to demonstrate how to connect up external audio to be routed into the Continuum to be processed using the EaganMatrix - here functioning as a reverb/delay processor on an unprocessed Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO (but could apply to any Analog source you convert to AES and send into the Continuum). Of course you can do many things with that AES input besides just applying the Recirculator to it in addition to combining it with EaganMatrix sounds (a follow on video will cover more advanced ways to process the external audio)."

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix - Modifying Existing Presets (Vivaldi Largo)

EaganMatrix Programming

"Experimenting with taking a couple of the most iconic EaganMatrix presets and modifying them to suit the needs of a particular piece - here Vivaldi, but the idea of starting with existing presets and modifying them is where you should begin your EaganMatrix study. Here the "Tin Whistle" preset is transposed down and octave and the delay lines returned to be best suited for a soprano/sopranino recorder. A bit of breath is added and the Y based octave shift is removed to make it easier to play as a recorder. The bass line takes the "VlnVlaVlcBass1" preset, removes the string noise to allow a second String Harman to be added a bit detuned and optionally shifted down an octave with added delay. The overall effect is to turn the original solo string sounding preset into a more orchestral version which sounds very nice in the low register. (Camtasia seems to have made the video a bit out of sync with the audio recording but you get the idea)."

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Haken Continuum/EaganMatrix - Morphing WaveBank Pad & Morphing Church Organ Demos

EaganMatrix Programming

"Another morphing preset I'm working on. This one morphs in various ways between two WaveBanks, one set to Saw and the other Square. Shape Generators (SGs) are used to move in and out of the two banks at different rates and there is a bit of shifting between them on Y as well. A big analog Echo is added with additional dynamic convolution change imposed under SG control."

Haken Continuum/EaganMatrix - Morphing Church Organ Demo
EaganMatrix Programming

"Working on a bunch of Morphing Presets for Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix. This one is an organ model that randomly cuts in partials. A pedal controls the speed at which the partials kick in and a separate control is set to Pedal 2 that brings in a Sub-bass and octave beneath the Fundamental (which can be statically set for two octaves below or a fifth below if desired). A small amount of detuning is also used that creates a bit of beating adding more dynamic motion."


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