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SOMA Pulsar-23 techno jam

video upload by Bobo Meijer

"Some more jamming on the SOMA Pulsar-23. It’s crazy how fast time flies by when you’re twisting the nobs and trying to find some nice patches.. I was actually supposed to try out one of the patches from the Pulsar-23 patch-book available on the SOMA website but never got to it because I just continued tweaking this 😁"

SH-101 // Djupviks The Qu // Sealegs // Gliss

video upload by LesjaMusic

"Djupviks The Qu proving it can do traditional phaser sounds as well as maniac dirt.L, with the help of Bela Gliss on modulation.

SH-101 reminding me no matter how many VCO/VCF/ADSR combos I buy, it’s still the ultimate monosynth.

Apologies for the sloppy playing - I’m better at programming synths than playing them.

Dirt and colour from Sealegs, Gen Loss, CXM 1978 and OTO Boum."

The Album Leaf: In Sequence - Summit: A Powerful Synth | Novation

video upload by Novation

Novation Summit:

"In this 'Artist: In Sequence' episode, we spoke to musician and composer Jimmy LaValle, known as 'The Album Leaf', in his studio in LA about music production, how things have changed over the years and, of course, synths. The Album Leaf gave us some insight into how Summit and Peak have influenced and shaped his workflow."

Artist: In Sequence // Novation Series

The Ultimate Novation Circuit Techno Set

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"A full techno and trance set with a combination Novation Circuit Tracks and Rhythm setup. Jammed live in one take."

Novation Summit | Sub-37 - "Tsunamic Triggers" *WARNING VOLUME*

video upload by eM

"Another dual layering improv with the Summit (SM WobblePad) and Sub-37 (SM RealTrain Love) patches from @scottmcauleysounds. []

This was recorded RAW, take care to not blow your speakers. Enjoy."

Korg Kronos Nautilus Uber Prophet-6 Sample Pack Program Demo Synthesizer

video upload by

"Sample Pack demonstration by Rik Marston
*Watch in HD!* *NO Talking!* *Turn it up!*

My Etsy store: AhnyxianSoundDesign"

Eowave - Ricochet (Very fun!)

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Eowave Ricochet is one fun module! Dynamic Trigs, quad-VCA with individual and sum outputs, quad decay envelope that can be "Linked" triggered at the end of the previous cycle, summed and cross-modulated.

This module is perfect for intricate percussive patterns. Add your favorite VCO and/or noise source, or use the built-in noise generator to get rolling rhythm, tight burst fills, and much much more.

The Ricochet can be expanded using the included jumper cable for twice the excitement. C\

Check out Ricochet at Noisebug"

"The module's design is inspired by the way skipping stones bounce on the water, creating a versatile tool for crafting percussive sounds.

The exponential envelopes are specifically designed to generate dynamic percussive tones. The unique linking function connects the end of one envelope's decay to the trigger of the next, enabling the subsequent envelope to activate once the previous one ends. This innovative feature allows you to create ratcheted envelope.

A front-panel trimmer lets you adjust the threshold for triggering subsequent envelopes, while a rear header enables connecting two Ricochet modules together ,or linking the last envelope to the first.This feature transform the Ricochet to a weird sequencer where the steps length depend of the decay times.

Since Ricochet is fully analogic, trig inputs are velocity-sensitive, responding to a standard gates but also allowing attenuation to modify the envelope's velocity (you can play with the dynamic of your sound by attenuating the trigg input. Ricochet is also perfect to play with drum pads).

Each VCA features a gain control that can be pushed to achieve subtle saturation.

All envelopes and VCAs have separate outputs, but there are also mixed audio and envelope outputs. When an individual output is connected, it is removed from the mix. The decay modulation inputs are normalized between each other.

Last but not least, an analog noise generator is normalised to the first input, so you can use ricochet on it's own to create hi hat kind of sounds

- Fully analog design so everything is responsive to the amplitude
- Unique linked envelopes feature
- Compact 4 envelopes 4 VCAs module
- Linkable to a second ricochet or looping back the last enveloppe to the first one

- Envelope generator
- Drum shaper
- Hi-hat
- Clap envelope shaper( with short ratcheted envelopes)
- Envelope sequencer
- Trigg delay
- Burst generator

- Fully Analog design
- 14hp
- Skiff friendly
- Reverse power protection"

Easel Pressure Jam

video upload by Todd Barton

"Just a little jam riffing off of my pressure patch":

Retro Pressure Setup

video upload by Todd Barton

"Setting up my New Retro Buchla Music Easel for my pressure perferences."


video upload by Why Drums

"The LEPLOOP does the kick and white noise snare, and a tiny bit of synth. The MFB Tanzbar 2 does everything else. The Tanzbar 2 is a bit of pain in the arse to use but it sounds great- it's fun to try and make it do what you want.

The filters on it are really rough, which works great on clap and perc sounds. The bass synth is out of tune, and the bass sequencer is a nightmare, but then of course you get some unexpected results.

I love the LEPLOOP kick, it works so well as a foundation. Very fun to try and make these two idiosyncratic machines work together is a rubbery way."

Ueberdandy: 2nd jam Arpopone, Multicassa, 2HP Loop

video upload by Ueberdandy

"Introduction to and walkthrough of the patch and jam with the LEP Arpopone, Multicassa, Casa, Piattino and the 2HP Loop."

Also see
Ueberdandy: 1st jam Arpopone & Volca beats

Its the LEPLOOP!!!! A Deep dive with -CALC-

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