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Thursday, October 15, 2009

MATRIXSYNTH Swag & Hall of Fame!!!

MATRISYNTH Ts are $20 in the US and $25 outside the US. This includes the shipping cost, three MATRIXSYNTH cards and one magnet.  A set of three cards and one magnet, minus the T, is $5.

The T-Shirts are from Gorilla Screen Printing - highly recommended. If you get Ts done by them, let them know you found out about them here.

Paypal any amount to matrixsynth *at* gmail.com. Be sure to include the shipping address, size and whether you'd like long or short sleeves.

Below are some MATRIXSYNTH Ts and cards spotted in the wild. If you have them, send them in!

The Leper - get CD on umop.com
hamsterdunce — February 27, 2007 "Original song off my Parallax CD "umop apisdn," performed live on an Oberheim OB-SX, Roland JD-800 and Juno-106. Sequenced on Korg 01/W. Shout out to my favorite blog on the shirt..."

Fast-fingered quick demo of ARP 2600 YouTube via hamsterdunce — May 08, 2009 "More music on umop.com! This one-minute quick demo just scratches the surface of the ARP, an incredibly fun vintage modular that I got to mess around with a Analog Heaven Northeast on May 2nd, 2009."

Trash Audio Synth Meet 3 YouTube via thedeepelement — August 16, 2009 — "Trash Audio arranged the 3rd synth meet this summer in Chicago and this time was hosted at Xart's studio. http://trashaudio.blogspot.com"
Everything Synth YouTube via electronicvibes — October 24, 2009 — Look at my nice T-Shirt !!!!

Russ - unknown date

Matrixsynth T at the Expiramental Garage Sale - 7/08

fisheck via this post - 4/09

Seth Elgart (center left) and Dave of UMOP (far right) at AHNE 2009 via this post and this post 5/09

Stephen, George Mattson and Billy Corgan via this post - 9/09

Abusive/Consumer aka "Chef Barry" who is not a chef or named Barry. via this post - 11/09

Anonymous - 6/10

7/10/2010: Loscha and a "Cremona Dvorak 1/2 size double bass. Made in Czechoslovakia. w/gig bag" Nice photo bomb in the background.

John L Rice at the PNW Synth Gathering 2010

YouTube via  matrixsynth  |  July 27, 2010  http://www.youtube.com/user/JohnLRice

"John L Rice Goes Over his 5U Modular System at the PNW Synth Gathering 2010.  Note this is a module overview, not a music demo. There is some brief modular audio at the end of Part 2 and in Part 3.  See John's YouTube channel for what he creates with his modular systems. BTW, I spoke to John at the gathering and he only had one and a half hours of sleep prepping his system before the event. Crazy man! LOVE THE T! :)"

Lorne at the PNW Synth Gathering 2010

YouTube via  matrixsynth  |   July 28, 2010
 "Lorne goes over his various noisemakers including a modified Roland Compuphonic Jupiter-4 at the Pacific Northwest Synth Gathering. via Lorne: "The Compuphonic Jupiter 4 is custom modified with four banks of eight user memories. On top are space rockets gristleisms, fm3s, original buddha boxes, a postcard weevil and the jackson pollock-ish item is a Dearraindrop videoscope [video below] by critter & guitari for audio to video synthesis." Other noisemakers include the Shruti-1, Casper Electronics Drone Lab, Eric Archer, 4ms, and Where's the Party At 8-bit sampler. Click here for all PNW 2010 posts.

MATRIXSYNTH T Spotted with Thor's Hammer via Bret Calder's album spotted and tagged by

Christopher Jon Modular Synthesizer Cabinets YouTube via ISOTROPOSPHERE | October 22, 2010 Details in this post.

Franck Smith YouTube via odiolorgnette | November 14, 2010 more pics and info


YouTube via AdamRSomers | November 23, 2010

 "Performed using custom touch controller In Spring 2010: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~adam/250b/ Recorded version: http://soundcloud.com/plusplusaudio/roil"

Korg DSS-1 Gets A Floppy Upgrade  
see this post

 Gur of Tiptop Audio and Mike Brown of Livewire at Winter NAMM 2011
 Scott Jaeger of The Harvestman with Gur. See this post for details 39 Mankato Bug Music

YouTube via 7thDanSound | January 20, 2011

 "This is a just for fun bug music patch. Just testing what happens when feeding a lot of FM stuff into an STG Mankato filter that is self oscillation. No demo and no trick this time so if you don't like noise or bug music, skip this one :)" MATRIXSYNTH T at 4:11

 Scumearth, featured in this post.

ASIA SYNTH STATION, featured in this post.

Haptic Synapses - live PA on Eclektronik Groove YouTube via boxbanga | Feb 27, 2011 posted here

"An excerpt of Haptic Synapses (Steve Cooley, Qorser, and Derek Scott) doing a live PA on the Eclektronik Groove radio show on 90.1 FM KZSU. Recorded on 2/21/2011. For more info, check out... http://hapticsynapses.com/ http://hsomusic.com/show/"

via Paul Cunningham's Photos - posted here

7thDanSound - you'll spot MATRIXSYNTH cards and the shirt in some of his videos. Pic posted here

flickr By hubasilica "Huba&Silica + Boreal en CENAC Mar. 05 2011 Foto: Pablo Murillo + Suzi Love" photo x pablomurillo.com posted here

  YouTube Uploaded by solkabecar on Mar 7, 2011

Michel via this post.

 Trevor Pinch in a MATRIXSYNTH T

It's getting to the point this post will not load. Links moving forward. New sightings: MATRIXSYNTH On National TV!!!
Korg DSS-1 Gets A Floppy Upgrade
The Season Finale of Electric Independence: Chris & Cosey
Social Fools - Twin Towers with John Roman
Randy of Johnny B Good and the Bad Boys
MATRIXSYNTH on a Moog Taurus III
Todd Barton Live in Ashland, OR
Serge and Matrixsynth Tshirt. happy to be united
MATRIXSYNTH T Spotted in the Forest - Peasant's trance pt. 1
MATRIXSYNTH T Spotted - Tomio djing for proof128 radio
MATRIXSYNTH Spotting - John Foxx & The Maths / Benge Studio
Just Music - Hamburg - MATRIXSYNTH T Sighting!
MATRIXSYNTH T Spotted On Stage
MATRIXSYNTH T Spotted on TV - Lirinha with Astronauta Pinguim on Keys
Astronauta Pinguim live at CCSP Bonz.ai 1.14 featuring THE PASSENGER Lace Dj (Djlace) Ramiro Pissetti on Facebook
MATRIXSYNTH T on Stage Astronauta Pinguim & Simeon - Silver Apples show in São Paulo
Astronauta Pinguim - Wir sind nicht allein (SESC Vila Mariana)
Haptic Synapses and Antacid Crew playing a live set at Nexus Boing Boing Boing Boing!!
Taavi Tulev - Sündisoolo 2011.12
DFMZ-4 modular skiff Critter and Guitari Kaleidoloop
Astronauta Pinguim with Moog Tattoo & MATRIXSYNTH T
MMTA SYNTHFEST - Lorne Hammond and His Sound Makers
Astronauta Pinguim MATRIXSYNTH T Sighting on TV Cultura
 MATRIXSYNTH-T at Cove Palisades State Park in Central Oregon
The Passenger He Dreams of Wires
There is a cricket in my studio Adebayor, por Lira
MATRIXSYNTH Swag on PatchPierre.Net
Atomic Shadow - Drums Against The Machine
Illuminati secret machines revealed in abandoned underground base
MATRIXSYNTH Magnet Being Put to Use

And that's it for this post.  You'll find the latest on the MATRIXSYNTH Bling label here.


  1. sending t shirts only to US or world?

  2. The shirts are great quality. Mine has been washed at least a dozen times and the logo is still as bright as ever.

  3. Get a Matrixsynth Tee. It improves your mixes, makes your ground loops go away, fixes your room acoustics, and they just plain look cool.

  4. The 2009 AHNE shots are me (just left of center) and UMOP Dave (far right) in the top photo, and a somewhat blurry me holding the Thingamagoop in the bottom one.

  5. Thanks Seth. I updated the title/caption.

  6. Matrixsynth -

    Are you running the DSI Prophet5/'08 forum? We're trying to track down the owner. Thanks.

    - The Analog Organist

  7. The guy in Five-G wins :D that shop is amazing..