Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Roland JX-8P Kiwi Upgrade Revealed in 2016 Patchwerks Seattle Synth Meet Videos by Syntegrator

Published on Aug 21, 2016 Syntegrator

For those in the area, the event starts today at 1PM! Details posted here. JX-8P Kiwi upgrade revealed in video 3.


1. Seattle Synth Meetup Summer 2016 - Part 1, The Journey!

"On my way to the Seattle Synth Meetup and Petting Zoo put on by Patchwerks... Ooh hoo... Synthesizers..."

2. Seattle Synth Meetup Summer 2016 - Part 2: Jordan's Kiwi Synths

"My good friend Jordan Hatz sent me two vintage synths for rebuild and upgrade. Now on the eve of the Seattle Synth Meetup, witness the reunion with his long lost machines!"

3. Seattle Meetup 2016 - Part 3: A NEW KIWI SYNTH

"The very first public appearance of the new Kiwi Synth. Stay tuned for more... ;-)"

4. Seattle Meetup 2016 - Part 4 - Møffenzeef Modular

"The first hour of the show including the comprehensive demo from Moffenzeef Modular!"

5. Seattle Meetup 2016 Part 5

"More of the show and a presentation by Korg!"

6. Seattle Meetup 2016 - Part 6

"More show walk-throughs, a gear raffle with a surprise ending, and the show wrap-up. Many thanks to for putting this one on - Looking forward to the next one around Christmas time!"

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