Sunday, October 23, 2016

Alpes Machines - Matrix Ctrlr - Hardware Controller for the Oberheim Matrix-6/6r/1000

Published on Oct 23, 2016 BIM0X

"The Matrix Ctrlr is a custom arduino based midi controller to edit Oberheim Matrix 1000 and Matrix 6 synths. Available as a kit.

Short demo of the Matrix 1000 os1.20 with the Matrix Ctrlr by Thomas from Cotton Claw."

Rackable, desktop hardware controller for the Oberheim Matrix-6.

"Hardware 19” 3U rack

Compatible with Matrix 6 Keyboard, Matrix 6R Rack & Matrix 1000 Rack units

32 knobs covering 50 parameters (2 virtual layers)

All 96 of the Matrix’s voice parameters (including the modulation matrix) editable using display and buttons

Control up to 4 Matrix synths at the same time

Full SysEx and MIDI CC implementation

Store and manage 1000 patches

Includes a powerful arpeggiator

Computer free!

Available as a DIY kit (soldering required)"

Update: note you need OS 2.13 or greater on the Matrix-6 for external sysex editors like this.

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