Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Atlanta Synthesizer Club "Meat" Meet at Georgia Tech's Under The Couch Sunday April 9th

"There will be a lot socializing, gear spotting, short performances and a raffle that includes significant gear from companies like Moog (Mother 32), Roland (TB-03 signed by DJ Pierre), Malekko (Voltage Block), Synthesis Technology (E330 VCO), DSI/Sequential (poster signed by Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith) and a slew of other donated DIY kits, studio time, stickers, records and other swag.

The response of the local community as well as the manufacturers have been well. Round expectations.

The Atlanta Synthesizer Club is dedicated to all things synth of the software and hardware variety, drum machines, effects, sound design and electronic music in and around Atlanta and the Southeastern US corridor. Our goal is to foster a community and be a resource for musicians, artists and individuals interested in the particulars of sound synthesis through an exchange of ideas, regular meetings, workshops and performances."

Under the Couch
350 Ferst Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

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