Friday, June 16, 2017

1U Modules from FOXFIELD

Note this is the first FOXFIELD post on the site. We have a new maker. They will be helping @NobotsNo with their soldering workshop at the upcoming Brighton Modular Meet. The following are their new 1U modules.

via @foxfield_inst

"Product 1! This is GT2: a DIY dual gate-to-trigger for 1U Eurorack. First input normalised to…"

"#2: Averter is our DIY 1U attenuverter. The input is normalised to 5V, making it a bipolar…"

"#3: UtiLFO, a 1U "utility LFO". Bipolar Triangle and square waves out."

"#4: Gearbox. 1U clock source with three "gears"/ranges; covers 100mhz to 500hz. RGB led…"

"Finally: we also make a tile tail power adaptor. Eight tile tails to one Euro power connector."

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