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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Move over Vemia

So we all know about Vemia, right? Well, somone took a look at what else was listed by the seller of the rack 808 I just posted today. So I decided to take a looksie. Umm... Umm... Just click here and scroll. No biggie? Click on the next page and scroll (might want to be sitting down). Damn....

You don't see these three together everyday. And... There is more.

Here are some shots saved for posterity including Buchla, RSF Kobol, ARP, Roland System 700, and a Korg EX800 (just never saw one with rack ends before).


  1. page...scrolling...

    Damn. I'd keep all that, myself.

    And what is it with all the descriptions coming from VSE?

  2. Actually, I wonder if he'll even sell more than 2 or 3 pieces...?

  3. Check out his negative feedback.

    Sounds fishy as to why he's selling the stuff.
    Maybe he's getting divorced, lost a court case or was audited. No one just decides they have no time for synths and just offs all that stuff.
    Something major probably happened.

    I wonder what the Buchla will go for? :)

  4. Doesn't sound fishy at all- he knows exactly what he's selling and his minimum set prices shows it. The only thing i'm wondering is that with all the modulars up for sale, why isn't there any keyboards up for sale. A little odd, but it's his stuff, not mine.

    And the person saying to check out his negative feedback- it's obvious you didn't bother to check it, because out of the 700+ transactions he's done, only 10 were negative, dealt with minor items and all happened in early to mid 2003. :)

  5. Hm, maybe the admin can email this guy and find out what studio or college all this came from. Wonder how much money was spent on all of this?

  6. I've always wondered who the horders are!

    Vince Clarke move over


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