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Sunday, October 22, 2006

PNW Synth Meeting 2006 Images and Video

Uploaded on Oct 22, 2006 matrixsynth

This year's Pacific Northwest Synth Meeting was a blast. I want to thank John Marshall of Sound-Photo for organizing the event and for the pizza. Good stuff! I really enjoyed the pace of the event this year. It was pretty laid back, and I met a lot of great people. Even some that read Matrixsynth! : ) The meeting started at 10:00 AM. I was about half an hour late. When I got there people were just hanging out, talking and playing synths. Once everyone was settled in, we did a show and tell where each person talked a little about themselves and what they brought. Halfway through we stopped for pizza and after pizza, we continued on. All of the talks were great. There were a few funny moments and surprises including some Sequential Circuits history from John Bowen. This year I took a ton of video and unfortunately neglected the camera a bit. The title link of this post will take you to the shots I did take. As for the video, I took over 3 gigs worth, so they will go up over time. This first video is a pan of everyone at the event. You can hear the synths talking to each other in the background. : ) BTW, I want to say thank you to everyone I met. All great people in my book. As for those of you that want the synth content, the vids are coming. I'll be posting all of them over the next few days, and I'll make sure to call out they are from PNW 2006. There is one caveat though: the max file size for YouTube is currently 100M, so some of the larger videos will have to wait. Note that not long ago the limit was 50M, so hopefully it won't be too long.


  1. Thats great! Looking forward to the videos. :)

    You could register yourself at google, and use the ""-site. You could then upload the largest videos there, without any size/lenght limits.

    Or just cut the largest videos in half using some free editor, then upload to youtube.

  2. Hey Matrix,
    It was a real blast this year! The time just flew by...I'm going to try to get my photos up soon ^_^

  3. I think I saw carbon111 talking with someone next to his Little Phatty in the video!

  4. doesn't look like that many synths made it out. nice REV 1 prophet though. Also havent ever seen a REV3 with the tuning stickers before.

  5. I liked pic #22- the 3WONG ViVd the best.

    Had fun but didn't feel too sociable this year. Probably because I didn't drag my gear down.


  6. Thanks harril, I'll definitely check Google Video out once I get to my > 100M videos. Carbon111, definitely let me know when the images are up.



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